Preferred Xbox Elite Controller Configuration?


Is there a configuration from TRS for a preferred Xbox One Elite controller configuration? Or even better, a per class configuration? If not, then what would you all suggest using?


My stupid GameStop store ended up accidentally selling my controller to someone else.
So now I have to wait for them to ship me one.


You know who’s store didn’t do that?



Oh geez! I got mine directly from Microsoft so it got here today just fine. I’ve been busy all day so I haven’t had much time to use it, but I’ve already seen that a four paddle layout probably won’t be the best for me, the way I hold the controller makes that awkward, but two paddles should be just fine. And I think I’m gonna have to use the tall stick for my right stick at the very least, the short paddle feels slow (but that could just be the configuration I was using). Overall I love it, it’s fantastic so far.


I have tiny hands so I might be okay with all 4, but I guess I have to wait to see lol


The one with the mouse and keyboard.

Joking, I’m joking, put the rocks down. D:

Also don’t you get to make it on your own? Configure it I mean.


Yeah, you can make it completely your own, but there’s a massive amount you can change with it, and that’s why I was curious if there were suggestions from TRS for what to you. You can of course change the buttons and paddles around, but you can also change the deadspots for triggers (along with making them be hair triggers), and you can even change the rate that the different sticks turn at in non-linear ways. Plus there’s also the different parts you can swap out for it too, but that’s mostly just personal preference I think. Oh, and you can store two configurations at once and quickly swap between them which makes for even more interesting configurations that might only be used in special situations (one configuration for when you’re medic and you’re chasing and then switch to another configuration for when you’re medic and you’re in a dome, that’s totally doable and reasonable).


Are you serious you can use this in evolve? So I could literally never have to take my thumbs off the two control sticks even when I’m jumping, sniffing, or using any of my 4 abilities as monster? Sneak even??? Bc it has 4 paddles underneath right?! Does it actaully work!?


Lmfao. 180$ to still be mediocre. Sounds like a bargain.


Who said it was mediocre? Where did you get $180 from?


Can someone confirm they are using this right now?? Don’t we need to wait until Evolve gets the next update to remap controller buttons first?


The Elite controller allows you to change which buttons map to which buttons at the controller level, the game doesn’t have anything. The Evolve update will allow every controller to change which buttons perform an action. So yes, the Elite controller does just fine without the Evolve update.


This is a controller that can remap it self sold by Microsoft. It’s a special controller sold for 150 that allows you to remap EVERYTHING, not just evolve.


I got a Sabertooth elite controller and the buttons are pretty similar to the elite here is how I mapped it so I never have to take my thumbs off the joysticks AND i never have to take my pointer fingers off the ability buttons when i want to melee or climb (monster mainly)


4 paddles underneath-
Climb/eat --------- Sneak
Jump/jetpack ------- Mele/shoot

RS -sniff/waypoint


When I go home, I will screen-cap my setup that I play with and enjoy.


I know this is a bit of an old thread, but I recently got my X1 Elite controller, and figured I’d share my preferred layout. For the button layout, I keep all the face buttons the same, but I map the paddles like so:

P1: LB______ P3: RB
P2: B _______ P4: Y

P1: LB_______P3: RB
P2: X ________P4: Y

This is a nice configuration to have all abilities/weapons available from the paddles. I usually spam the smell button as the monster, so I could see mapping that to the paddles being useful as well. Since LB and RB are mapped, I suppose smell could be mapped to one of those.