Preferred perk with slim


Just want to hear your preferred perk and how it benefits slim/you. I’ve been using capacity don’t have to reload the leech gun as much


Jetpack. Lets me get the hell out of the monsters way if he focuses me. If you fly directly up, you can damage the monster (so heal yourself faster) and up in the air, you will escape melee attacks. Used in conjunction with the scent masking weapon, it can make it hard for the monster to keep track of you


Reload speed for quick spires and leech guns.
Quick Switch for using both quickly.


Jump height, great for dodging.

Bouncy bug!


Capacity. Allows me to easily get two heal bursts off before needing to reload.


I like to switch between reload, capacity, and regen; I can definitely see the value of jetpack recharge and jump height.


Honestly, Damage Resistance works for me every time (I have every Hunter/Monster elite.)

Since he’s going to get more in the face of Monsters and wildlife, I find it really, really helps me survive.


Reload. It makes your HB reload faster as well as the leech gun.


I’m right with ya. I believe trapper and Medic must both get jetpack recharge because they’re meant to stay at distance in a dome because monsters prefer them the most. It also helps on catching up with the monster.


I agree for 90% of this, but I do like to take health regen for Val, especially if we have a sunny who can jetpack boost me if I get in trouble


I normally take item switch so I can use all of my kit as often as possible, but I’ve been playing around with jump height, reload speed and damage resistance.


I usually go jump height or reload speed.


Reloard speed ftw. I want my output of pellets to be as many as possible in a certain amount of time. Capacity is 30% so that’s okay, but getting reload time is 50% so it’s better mathematically. I keep constant fire and healing bursts on all the time.