Preferred Perk for each hunter and why? : Increase Capacity is so CHEESE EZ on Torvald



  • Val - Reload Speed or Jump Height. Because RS is great when playing with pubs because you can heal yourself faster in case the people you play with aren’t the best at covering you + RS is just lovely for her primary and tranqs now. Especially when chasing a monster. Jump Height and Jetpack Regen is great for when you have to get away from the monster to get back into position.
  • Laz - Because faster everything.
  • Caira - Increase Capacity helps me get downed teammates faster adrenaline boost helps when the team could use a little boost in battle.
  • Slim - Health Regen means you won’t need to heal yourself if you can avoid the monster enough you can play similar to how Val plays. Keep switching between your items and abilities multi tasking the best you can.

Support : I don’t play a lot of support but I guess I’ve a few favourites.

  • Hank - Quick Switch is amazing on Hank. Sure that reload perk can get your shields up faster but remember you still have that badass primary and that orbital barrage can save someone’s life.
  • Bucket - Damage Increase or Increase Capacity. DI does wonders for the ticklish turrets while it slightly improves your missile launcher. IC buffs three of my arsenal, Missile Launcher gets two err three… (I forgot the exact number, been a while since I played support) extra missiles and UAV gets superb battery life + it also increases cloak time. Which is great as I can stay cloaked as I spread around turrets in a dome.
  • Sunny - Increase Capacity and Reload speed. I usually swap the two around on the rare occasions I get to be Support. IC is amazing with the Jet Booster allowing up to seven dashes with one charge. But it comes with a down side that it takes longer to fully charge. RS works with all her items.


  • Maggie - Movement Speed, because I get to find monsters faster because it also buffs Daisy and also cut off a monster better.
  • Griffin - Jetpack Recharge. Stay on the monsters tail is the key to success for Griffin. JPR will keep me mobile during a chase and constantly repositioning myself in a dome better to stop the monsters movement.
  • Abe - Jetpack Recharge or Quick Switch. JPR helps out a lot once you find the monster and get a tag on them, faster jetpack recharge means you will always be able to keep up with the monster if they use terrain to lose you. Quick Switch is so badass on Abe, I see a lot of people complain that Abe’s shotgun does little damage, but I’ve found the weapon to be very reliable and 5000^ damage isn’t that hard to get if you remember to keep switching your weapons and CC.
  • What I like to do with Abe once I’m in the arena is to 1)make sure the monster is tagged 2) spread out some stasis grenades, especially on ledges for my medic and teammates to jet up to 3) do as much damage as possible with one or two clips with the shotty and then repeat phase two again and so on.
  • Crow - Movement speed, Crow’s anti juking form of tracking is amazing. Finding the monster fast and staying back once domed will be very important.
  • Tip on how to stasis better. the first time you see the monster it is better to half charge the stasis gun than full charge as the half charge travels faster. Once a half charge is hit you may fully charge that stasis gun and get a very consistent CC hit.

Assault : besides the ones listed below Health Regen is one of the best perks I have used. Since the monster for some reason doesn’t give a jack about the assault, HPR does wonders as it keeps your health up and allows your medic to do other medic things while you melt the monsters face.

  • Markov - Quick Switch, because all of his arsenal is viable. Why aren’t you people using his Assault Rifle more? That thing shreds Kraken’s face, ya know?
  • Hyde - Jump Hyde Increase or Damage Increase and sometimes even JPR. Nothing like melting a -profanity- monster’s -profanity- face with my -profanity- flame thrower
  • Parnell - IC and HP-regen are two of my favourites. Reload speed feels like it doesn’t do jack for me but with IC. I get 15 shells with the shotty which will help tenderize any monster.
  • Torvald - IC because what’s better than playing an OP hunter? playing a OP hunter who has 50% more fire power with each trigger pull.
  • The auto shotguns becomes hilariously unfair for the monster and the Mortar Canon gets extra missiles that help destroy not one or two bars of health but three! Since you are able to lead the mortars after you fire them those extra missiles will hit an even bigger area. EVEN KRAKEN WON’T STAND A CHANGE IF HE’S IN THE AIR MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Reload speed on a griffin also really helps annoy the monster, just keeps those harpoons coming
Also, on parnell it does help for me as it means I do more damage, maybe not as much as IC in a single use but it lets you use it more, also getting that shield back up means it also prevents some damage as well

For Val, I find quick switch to be useful in letting you properly multitask with her weapons


no reason to not use reload speed on caira


I dunno, I feel like I stay alive better with IC. If I’m alive, I can keep the team alive.


yeah well reload helps u of course with reloading faster and it reduces the cd on healing burst for 30%(!!!) percent

and that helps u way better surviving then the few more nades u get with cap increase. and it gets way easier to heal burst dmg.


I agree with this

Also IC doesn’t have an effect on speed boost (unless they changed that?)


Jetpack Recharge on all trappers, you need that mobility for the quick monsters, and it keeps you alive in domes, unlike movement speed. And capacity on Hank, since it increases how much shield he has. Smart use of shield means you get to recharge it even during combat as you only need to tap it on for each hit the person takes.

Also jetpack recharge on Bucket, as you typically need to catch up fast to allies after you’ve tagged the monster or if the Trapper gets a dome.

As for a personal favorite, Capacity on Markov. MORE LIGHTNING!

(Seriously, I love his lightning gun…)


Reload speed isn’t going to keep your team alive under pressure more than increased capacity on those moments where a hunter is under heavy monster pressure and you’re pumping out 6 grenades instead of 4. Whilst the recharge is nice for the reload speed and healing burst, it won’t reduce pressure because 30% reload speed isn’t a better trade-off over a 50% capacity boost (also not forgetting that you can always go for early reloads with the 50% capacity boost once monster pressure has ceased briefly and be ready with another 6 grenades instead of 4), plus you don’t want to have to be jumping into close range and exposing your self just to heal burst often, that’s the last thing any medic wants to do generally.


No just no, extra nades are better. Adrenaline also last longer, I don’t need it that often but using it for a longer period helps trappers and the team more.

Why I use capacity, increase reload won’t keep people alive if monster does burst damage. While with CI I can keep up with stage 2 bursts. provided monster doesn’t have damage buff

You should do the Hunter Quest - Arctic Challange. The weapon skin looks amazing.


Quick Switch. Lets me tranq, get a weakspot and go back to healing in a second. Beautiful.

Reload Speed, no doubt, More cloaks, bursts and better cooldown. Plus reload the sniper faster to interrupt eating.

Caira- Capacity. Brute force healing.

Slim- Reload. Better Spores and more Leeching, faster bursts.

Hank- Reload for this. Obvious reasons, though you did raise some good points.

Bucket- Damage.

Cabot- Reload. More Railcannon and Dusting, Amp comes up faster.

Griffin- Jetpack. I have literally zero defensive measures. I need to MOVE. :stuck_out_tongue:

Abe- Quick Switch. Renew Tracking Darts and place more Stasis easily.



10 chars


IC is batshit on Torvald. xD RIP WRAITH.


That my main perk for him. You get like 7 or 8 mortars XD. Valeria, how close to you want me?


I have to say Torvald is not OP. Capacity perk is definitely unbalanced for him, which leads to all the claims he’s OP.


The reason alot of people say he is OP is because of the damage numbers he dishes out


Not that close.

Which surprisingly still lower than Parnell but still more effective. Parnell currently has the lowest WLR of any assaut.


I prefer Swap Speed on Parnell to constantly cycle to the other weapon on reloads - means I don’t need to pause to do damage and can use the Rockets more when the situation calls for it.

Jump Height on Abe for some mobility, but mostly to help with air dodges when I’m getting focused.

Damage Increase on Bucket for more deadly Sentry Gun fields.


IC doesn’t effect supports cloak


I need to try this, will it help with chasing the monster though?

[quote=“SerTrevor, post:18, topic:52006, full:true”]
IC doesn’t effect supports cloak
[/quote]well it should.


It lets you save all your fuel for boosts to dodge or close distance for a dome, so yes. The jump is great.