Preference slot bugged!


I selected the priority as

Assault,Trapper,Support,Medic & Monster.

But past 5 matches i always got monster.Even after finishing a game and researching.Is there a way around it ? I really don’t play monster well.


This (only?) happens when you’re in a lobby with a (4-man) party. Since parties don’t allow monster preference, you get to be monster every time


i think its fate’s call. Your forum nick kinda says it all.


i picked the name before i started playing the game.I thought playing monster would be easy.Seems like that isn’t the case.


So how do i get past it ?


Haha, get in a party yourself if you don’t want to play as monster. The current party system disallows members from getting the monster role, means, you’d get a higher chance of playing the hunter you want.


My best guess is to keep searching untill you can clearly tell there’s no party in your lobby. (for example; players join seperately instead of 3/4 players at once)


i just entered a lobby with only two people.Still i got the monster role !


I seem to get monster every other match it seems. Even though its ranked 5th


I hate quitting but I just don’t feel like playing monster now. This is 3 matches in a row now.


i got maggie after 6 match playing as monster !