Predicted Hunting Season 2 character dates

Lennox was released June 23rd
49 days later jack was released august 11

Now using the method i used to predict all the mortal kombat pack characters (perfectly) the next hunter should release September 29, 17 days from today which falls on a tuesday which we all know is the day pretty much all DLC is released.

49 days later from that is November 17, also a tuesday and that will have been the last remaining hunter to be released. than if the pattern follows all the same the monster i assume to be last, (sadly) will release January 5th making that everybody in Tier 5 present and accounted for. now this is all hoping that TR doesent run into any issues with the remaining characters and they dont completely swap the dates around because someone cracked their elusive code. You never know, they could give them to us earlier now just to surprise us. Doubt it though, not to get your hopes up.

Lennox- 6/23
Jack- 8/11
Tier 5 medic- 9/29
Tier 5 support- 11/17
Monster- 1/5

I really hope i got this right and helped everyone out quite a bit. if not oh well, Happy Hunting!

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It’s been pretty much confirmed that Monster is going to be released before the last Hunter.


Monster is releasing either next or 4th (pretty much 100% next), so the order is already wrong.

But other than that, his theory seems pretty solid. And he only mixed the monster around, he is (most likely) also right about the medic and the support. I hope he is right, 17 days isn’t that long anymore :sunglasses:

i was just guessing for order im not 100% up to date on all the news. if monster is next than it will be the support released in november and medic to be the last in january

That seems right to me. I hope the timeline is good though, it would be great if we got the monster at the end of the month.

The only thing im using to predict who is coming out when is actually just the menu in the game itself. when you go into a custom game and select hunter the 4 classes appear across from left to right as Assault, Trapper, Medic, and Support. but if it is true and the monster is next than im guessing based on the pre game lobby/menu that starts with assault and than trapper from right to left in accordance with the order lennox and jack came out. On that menu right after the Assault and Trapper it has the monster in the middle, which helps the theory that if the monster is to be released before the last hunter it would only make sense to either put her middle or last. Thats about as far as my knowledge goes

Thats how I was thinking of it too, the way that its going right to left seems like the order. I kind of wish we got the medic before support though, but either way is fine.

I almost exclusively play monster so all my hopes is that she is next. the rest of the hunters mean next to nothing to me for gameplay, i still enjoy seeing anything new released in this game which seems to go stale so fast when things arent kept fresh. even when they release something new i would never use its better than nothing and puts just that little bit more life into the game for me

The people in this thread have not been paying attention to recent events.

Monster is confirmed to be next. It has also been confirmed that it will be released in October.

Then Medic (more than likely in December) and Support (more than likely in February).

I thought this was a guess 0_0 Can you tell me where did they confirmed this please? :smile:

I saw the post on reddit about monster definitely being next but I missed it being confirmed release in October would be awesome if his time line was correct though here’s hoping

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Somebody asked a 2K Employee or Dev or whatever you call them, but I don’t remember who it was. They said October though.


Like the idea but it seems like you ignored all evidence on released that we have right now. Monster is coming in October and is the next to be released. This has been confirmed and discussed all over the forums.

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Not home. Don’t have my library of images :frowning:

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Oh wow, I didn’t know. Well, thank you :smile:

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Actually it will be monster, medic, support

I hope we get some time off for Christmas in your 49-day metronome. :wink:


I havent seen this… source?