Predator Skins


So, the trapper event for the predator skins ended a couple of weeks ago. I played in the event, but did not receive any skins. Help? @maddcow


You probably don’t have a 2k account linked. If so you might have missed out on the event. Try contacting 2k support, they might be able to help.


I have my 2k account linked… I will contact 2k tomorrow if this leads to nothing.


they wont give anything out they said you just gotta wait till next time


:\ well then…


Yeah sorry i got hit by the same BS


This is the email they sent me:
I understand how this can be frustrating my friend. Unfortunately at this time we are no longer giving out the gold or trapper skins. 2K and Turtle Rock Studios are planning regular events (with unlockable exclusive content) in the future, which will be detailed on the Evolve Blog. Please make sure you have connected Evolve to your my2K account and are connected to the internet while playing in order to take advantage of these content offers.


I didn’t play on that weekend but still got the skins…
Wtf is going on?..


That’s a bad response, if it didn’t work for the past two events then it might not work for the next two events, they just brushing this off.

Have you tried de-linking and then linking the My2K account again?


Lemme try
on sunday


Next two? What’s the second one?


thats odd, i did not participate and still got them, file a ticket


I’m just assuming there will be more.