Predator - Goliath Fan Art: My Way to Say Thanks for Evolve



Hey guys,

It is the first time ever that I publish anything in the fan art section here. With this post, I’d like to express my enormous gratitude and love for Evolve as well as all the fun times that I had while playing it. Boy, where do I begin. You guys did a spectacular job on the characters, monsters, level design, animation, sound engineering… I am sure I am missing a lot, so spare me for that. :slight_smile:

My tribute is heavily based on my favourite monster, namely Goliath. I did incorporate elements from another creature that I admire as much, which is Predator. The whole thing is sculpted & textured in Zbrush 4R8, rendered in Keyshot and minor fixing in Photoshop. Overall, it is a purely experimental work and I really hope that you like it. Cheers :wink:

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Wow! This really impressive work! I love the internal glow! :100::100::100:


Thank you so much for your words! :slight_smile:


This is sooooo cool!

@GoGoGoliath you need to see this! I know your an Alien guy but Alien Wraith v Predator Goliath?? Amazing!


I have never seen someone so determined to work on a completely new 3D model for Evolve.
I’m impressed, no one ever did a fan art in 3D for Evolve. Shika would be jealous I think.
How long did it took for you to make this model? It looks so good!


Looks good.


That wouldn’t make sense because the Xenomorph is physically superior :stuck_out_tongue:


Too bad I like predator better


Thank you, mate! Very kind of you! It’s hard for me to estimate how much time I put into this guy, since I worked on it intermittently (when I had spare time on my hands). :slight_smile: In addition, there were lots of iterations, going back and forth etc. I guess I work a little messy.


What I also love in the forums of TRS is the fact that there are different kind of artists, from 3D modelers to drawers to pixel art makers etc…
The artists I know the most currently are @Shika, @precise_sculptor (who is absent since long), @Magmafiend, @ToiletWraith, @Axilla (who left, sadly) and…me.


She’s not gone she just doesn’t post much


She told me that she starts to drift away from the forums…


Was just on her profile (cause I’m a stalker) she was even 18 hours ago


That is your opinion and you are entitled to have it. :slight_smile:


I love the Predator-esque look of this. I especially for some reason like the design of the digit-grade legs.


Dang Gina, I’m loving the look of this. The internal lighting and the segmented armor looks great!


BAAAAAH Mentioning me?! Do I have to draw some Evolve Fanart again?!


I’m no artist by any means, thank you for the mention though!

Also, this is pretty much the best thing ever. Two of my favorite franchises together as one! Absolutely love this! Nice work.


Thank you all for the overwhelmingly positive response! :slight_smile: I’ve been thinking about a concept that mashes the H.R. Ginger’s Alien characteristics + either Kraken or Wraith’s anatomy / silhouette. What are your thoughts?


You are an artist!