Predator / Alien Game


Ok let me start by saying that other than Mortal Kombat (huge fan) I have NEVER been this excited for a video game. I would like to give huuuuuge props to TRS and 2K as they have made a game that looks so promising! Next I would like to say that I would love for these same studios to get their hands on the license for Predator and/or Alien to make an asymmetrical multiplayer version and really do those franchises some justice! The predator and alien games that have come out always leave you feeling weak compared to how they’re depicted in the movies and now that I’ve seen what these guys can do, I think it would be fantastic. Of course this is all wishful thinking, but a guy can dream… Right?


I literally JUST today mentioned this to a coworker today. Would be really awesome if a straight predator game was made. Sans Alien would be better i think, since developers tend to pigeonhole themselves to marines with every AvP title


Don’t get me wrong, there have been several excellent predator and alien games, but the idea of an assymetrical game similar to Evolve is something to get excited over! If it could be trusted to these guys/gals it would be even better!!!


I really enjoyed the old AvP multiplayer, sneaking up on people as the alien was extremely fun. Something asymmetrical could be difficult to pull off, but has great potential for a fun game!


I played a good bit of AvP2 and the PH expansion, very very very good game(s) in my opinion. I would just really enjoy feeling like a big bad stealthy predator or alien. In the games it almost felt impossible to stalk or stand up to groups of humans like they did in the movies.


The AvP game I played was pretty good, for the aliens, people stopped playing humans, and without having to switch vision modes the Predators could basically see the Xenomorphs across the map at all times, that game dried up pretty fast :frowning:


AVP 2010 disappointed me so much with their clunky combat mechanisms. It was so broken! All the alien had was its melee in terms of ‘weapons’, yet both Marine and Predator could easily counter this with cheap tactics. Woe!

Still, their campaign was entertaining, for how long it lasted.


There should be a kind of planetside kinda alien/predator game insanely huge map with thousands of players of Marines,Predators, and Aliens facing off to accomplish there own faction goals.


Ya, the campaign wasn’t terrible, but I don’t know how a marine could knockback an alien and stun it. WTF. The MP usually just devolved into chain trophy killings which looked and felt stupid.


Speaking of Aliens vs Marines Natural Selection 2 is pretty cool.


I liked the original slightly better but I can’t quite pinpoint what it is that I don’t like as much about the sequel. That being said, it’s an awesome genra RTS + FPS that Tribes tried to achieve at one point and I feel is a fully underdeveloped genre begging for more.


Ns2’s problem is that the base unit ( regular marine + rifle in the marine camp, skulk in the alien camp ) do not scale as time goes. Skulks become useless past 10 minutes in a game. It’s frustrating-- especially due to their disappointingly slow speed in comparison to the original.


Maybe that is what I’m thinking, I dunno. It’s hard to pinpoint, I just liked the original a bit more :slight_smile:


Yeah. I used to spent whole weekends in the original, … I love lerks.


I’m going to check that out now, haven’t heard of it!