Precognitive dreams

Precognition (from the Latin præ-, “before” and cognitio, “acquiring knowledge”), also called future sight, and second sight, is an alleged psychic ability to see events in the future. 1

I’m creating this topic to see if anyone else in the Evolve community has had something similar occur to them. Basically in case you still don’t know what I’m talking about based on the title, and above explanation I’m talking about seeing the future through your dreams. I’m not talking about dreaming of getting an A on a test, or seeing a plane crash. I’m talking about watching yourself sit in a class, writing down a report on Plath poetry to find your teacher looking over your shoulder and saying, “You’re looking very much like Abraham Lincoln today,” in a semi sarcastic voice. I then feel myself stare at him, and give off a soft laugh. I return back to the paper unsure of how to respond, and I awake to find myself in my bed. This happens every couple of months, or even every couple of weeks. Each time it happens I write it down in a notebook I keep close to my bed. It becomes unnerving when these picture perfect scenes happen from a few weeks to a few years later. This one I imagined while a sophomore in HS. It didn’t occur until the 2nd semester of Senior year.

My first ever experience happened in 8th grade. I dreamed of myself near a shack behind a trailer home I could instantly tell in my dreams was my great grandmothers. A man I recognized only in this dream as her neighbor was inside the shack pulling things out. My mother stood off to the side clearly being effected by the objects being pulled out of the shack. I could feel myself zoned out until the man pulled out a jar of marbles. I had always enjoyed marbles as it was one of my activities I had enjoyed with my grandfather before he passed away from lung cancer. The neighbors daughter approached me with a sense of want for the marbles. Jealously struck me and I found myself holding tighter to the marbles until I saw how much more needy these people were then me. It was obvious they had very little to their name besides their trailer home across the street, and I felt pity in the girl. I handed her the marbles, and the dream ended.

A few months later my great grandmother died from breast cancer. A few weeks after this we head back to her old house aka the trailer home. The same events take place, and it shook me to the core. I kept the secret to myself as I thought it was a 1 in a million chance of happening, and I had just hit luck. When it became more frequent I turned toward my mother for guidance. She really didn’t have much to tell me besides to keep a journal, and record when I have one of these dreams.

Some key points that occur during my dreaming. I almost never actually dream outside this precognitive dreaming. The only time I ever remember my dreams is this, and when they are extremely bizarre such as me running through the forest as Simba ( don’t ask >_>). Otherwise I’ll shut my eyes, and wake up nearly instantly in the morning. It’s quite weird to one second have my eyes closed, and the next have them opening with it feeling that no time had passed. When I’m in a precognitive dream I can remember it in perfect detail or nearly perfect detail as soon as I wake up. I feel a slight haziness while in the dream, but I can never tell it’s a dream unless my future self recognizes the scene as a ‘past’ dream. I see from the first person, and I can feel all of my emotions, and hear all of my thoughts as if I’m actually in that moment of time. It feels like living except more numb.

Have you guys had similar occurrences? Am I the only freak? :sweat:

tl;dr I see the future in my dreams to nearly perfect detail. It has occurred since around 8th grade.

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I don’t know why but I’d love to have this ability… The only thing I have (if you believe in it and don’t call bullshit) is that I can sense ghosts.
I can’t see them, I can’t hear them (kinda), I can smell and feel them though. The other night I smelt a perfumy-alcohol scent that lasted a good 2 minutes, and I know neither me or my boyfriend has such a fragrance. I asked my mum since she kinda has the same thing, we thought it was my late nan’s presence at first but that wasn’t the case. Seemed to be my Great Grandma’s anniversary. She’s been gone for some time.
Another encounter was when my uncle passed away. He was my closest relative, on the way to his funeral, he sat in the back of the car with me for the entire journey there. I couldn’t see him, I could smell a faint smell of cigarette smoke, I could feel him sitting in that car seat.

uh… Yeah sorry, I went on a rant, this was more sixth sense than precognitive dreams. >_> But hey, you’re not a freak for this ;W;

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I lucid dream often. It gets weird because while I am aware, I do not have control of compulsions. So it’s like a strange family guy episode or existential experience. Like you’re watching the watcher.

For example, sometimes thoughts lead me to suddenly dream about a baseball flying at my face and it causes me to snap awake.

Precognitive? Not so sure, but I do get déjà vu quite often.

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Oh- I think it would be classed as a lucid dream, I’m not sure though
I had a dream when I was about 14 years old where I was in the local swimming pools, someone pushed me under and I couldn’t get up to the surface- meanwhile in real life I was holding my breath without knowing- as if I were drowning
I woke up gasping for air and underneath my duvet…

Precognitive = dream about something that happens to you in real life after the dream

Lucid = fully aware that you are dreaming

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Fair enough. I get lucid dreams a lot. :B




I had this dream where my best friend was at school and a kid named Oskar was pissing him off, the guy had brown hair and was about the same height as him
I asked him if he’d been irritated by someone recently and he said yeah, asked him again if the guy was called Oskar and had brown hair. Scared the shit outta him, he was like “How the fuck do you know that…?”

Kinda creepy since, I was living in England at the time and he was all the way in Sweden.

Well sometimes I get random bursts of…Deja Vu. Sort of. Like, I KNOW I’ve done this before. For example I’ll just be petting my mutt and I’ll suddenly be at work, typing something, and then back again in a second. And it unnerves me. I generally just go meh, kay, and go on. :stuck_out_tongue: But it is strange.

Of course it’s most likely just me being deranged and somewhat insane from all the not sleeping…And the alcohol…And the caffeine…And the sleeping pills…And the dog…Neheheheheheh…YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!

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I thought the internet had a gentleman’s (and lady’s, and transsexual’s) agreement NOT TO BRING THAT VIDEO UP AGAIN.

I agreed to nothing




Yeah this is how it pretty much works for me. The most irritating thing is that whatever I see I’m incapable of changing. Every event I see, and every event I do while in that dream comes true. The craziest moments are when I realizes I’ve seen this moment before in a dream while still in the dream. Anything that pops in my head, and every action that occurs around me will happen exactly as I saw it. Luckily it’s usually basic stuff such as seeing me win raffles, or talking to friends, but at times I’m able to see death before it happens. The worst moment is when in the dream and you notice the date. Really changes your perspective on someone when you know when they’re going to die :confused:

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