Pre-Wraith-Hype 18th December Topic


I made this just for you @Essen


Awww, I made one to :frowning:


beat you to it :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmm… that is the vid


Remember that i was the first to spot the day


Can’t wait. :smiley:


My body is ready! I have to replenish my stock of Lupin beans and beer for after tomorrow.


I was born for this


I so want to see TSR releasing a mysterious Wraith trailer with more tips on the monster :smiley:


They should release the video, but cap the download at 10Kbps so you will be downloading it frame by frame haha :slight_smile:


Watch we will all sleep poorly tomorrow, be up before the sun, and then they will post that same video, but in slow mo :stuck_out_tongue: and that will be it


Or either fragment the video so we have to figure out the puzzle :smiley:


In seriousness though, because they are releasing it on a Thursday, and Adam Sessler will be there for the stream Friday, I assume he is going to be the guy pounding the hunters with the new monster


I’m hoping so :smiley:


What If! In the end of the Wraith Trailer we got to see a 5 seconds announcement like “Upcomming PC/PS4 Closed Beta” I would flip out so hard.


There is a good chance that it will at least allude to it. I am pretty confidant the video will at least say “Play Wraith in the beta starting in January”


The hype is real. TRS you guys really know how to advertise for a game.


Can somebody post me a screen of that twitter post?

I don’t have Twitter. Don’t ask why.


I couldnt get the url of the video alone… I dont know if it is youtubeified


Here is the FB post pal.