Pre-PURCHASING on XB1 earns you Tier 3 on Beta?


Hi everyone,

I’m currently watching the Evolve Stream today, and DB Sinclair just announced that if you own an XB1 and your pre-PURCHASE Evolve, you unlock all the Tier 3 Hunters and Wraith. Now, this is great and all, but does this pre-purchase only concern purchasing via the XB1 store? Or am I able to pre-purchase from, for example, Game Stop? I’m personally not a huge fan of digital purchases and I’d love to get the ability to use Tier 3 Hunters and Wraith during the Beta, but I don’t want to have to pre-purchase digitally. I’ve had my $5 down on Evolve since Summer of 2014, so is there some sort of code that I’ll be handed at Game Stop or is Tier 3 Hunters and Wraith only available for those pre-purchasing digitally?

I just want clarification on this because this’ll aid in deciding whether or not I should be cancelling my pre-order at Game Stop, because if there is a game that I’m going to digitally pre-purchase it’ll be Evolve.

THANKS :smiley:


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