[PRE] Patch 8.0 Discussion of Confirmed Changes and speculated changes [No Alpha Elite Skin]


#For discussion of the released Patch 8.0 Title update you can go here.

You guys can go up there.


Speculation thread for the upcoming Title Update in January/February next year.

# Indicates speculation or unconfirmed.

#General changes

  • More Color-Blind Support
  • More UI/HUD Twerks
  • Kala (The Tier 5 Support)
  • Kraken Adaptation (presumably) #
  • Will be locked until release date, which is a week or two after Kala comes out.
  • Big Alpha Elite Skins, monsters and hunters.
  • Confirmed not coming on the patch, check post number 307.

#Bug Fixes

  • Miley multiple terrain drop from pouncing can cause instant incapacitation or even death.
  • Val’s tranqs no longer cancels Movement Speed perks and buffs.
  • It will instead slow the monster down to a set percentage just like other Soft CC.
  • Charger Kraken aka Fifth Ability bug. #
  • Kraken and Miley at high latency, pouncing a hunter can cause the Kraken to charge the hunter into a wall. Causing the hunter to drop out of the world and get stretched to death.



  • Caira
  • Heal burst reduced from 20 seconds to 18 seconds.
  • Slim
  • Leech Gun made automatic
  • Rounds per minute reduced from 240 to 210
  • 0.5sec heal burst delay removed

This change is meant to make the leech gun more responsive and consistent regardless of a player’s level of skill. It also increases his self healing to a more consistent time.

  • Emet
  • Tracker shot reduced from 65 to 45
  • Missile shot reduced from 49 to 45
  • Victory Skin
    • Something got botched pr the skin wasn’t ready at the time of release.


  • Bucket #
  • its been said that they’d do twerks with hunters who have deployables, to compensate for the deployables getting capped down to three.
  • Sunny
  • Jetpack Booster capacity reduced from 100 to 70
  • Jetpack Booster velocity boost reduced to 40%
  • Drone health reduced from 300 to 250
  • Nuke damage reduced from 175 to 165




  • Meteor Goliath
  • 1 extra second added to burn time
  • Wraith #
  • More nerfs probably.
  • Behemoth
  • Roll time in between hits is increased, making it hit hunters less often. Therefore stops them from getting roller over for too long.
  • Miley
  • Acid Spray duration reduced. (Will be on the ground for a shorter time)
    • To help out more novice players who don’t know how to not stand in it.
  • Spider Trap’s DPS when trapped, is lowered.
    • Spider Trap damage-per-second reduced across all levels (example given: 62 to 40 at level 1) DPS is meant to give less coordinated team or more novice players.
  • Mimic more health to break
    • Level 1 Gorgon break health increased to 320 (was 200)
      Level 2 Gorgon break health increased to 400 (was 200)
      Level 3 Gorgon break health increased to 520 (was 200)

# Indicates speculation or unconfirmed.

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You miss-spelled Gorgon every single time, silly Azmi.


What’s a “Gorgon” ?


What Stoneheart said…


Any word if Emet is getting a small buff for his damage nerf?


I really hope so :cry:


Please tell me this a spelling error.


His autocorrect changes twinks and tweaks into twerks.


Only damage nerf is confirmed, its too early too be making changes to his Healing for now.

I wrote the post on my tablet, which for some reason always changes ‘tweak’ to ‘twerk’. I got tired of changing them back to tweak so I just rolled with ut.[quote=“ToiletWraith, post:8, topic:79357, full:true”]
His autocorrect changes twinks and tweaks into twerks.

How did you know it changes twink too?

Oh you silly Charly.


nice, i know this is just speculation but i hope its all inferences rather than guesses


Cause I have the memory of an elephant


Going to assume probably not for now. Hes the highest overall winning medic in overall telemetry.


It’s not a meme, it’s a name.


I’d pay to see this :smile:


Where do you find this telemetry you speak of?




Would it be better for EMET if the dart and rocket damage was swapped? I mean I know for a medic his damage is very high but I’m scared that if his damage gets changed from a hard jab to a soft caress he’ll no longer be viable. Well at least until a micro patch or next TU.


What’s the source for these?


no. it’d actually be worst at that point. the tracker shot is 65damage and rockets are 49. tracker requires more skill to fire than the auto aiming rockets. the issue is that if the buoys were in place and were okay, then Emet could simply just spam tracker shots to deal high damage. if they switch them, then instead of trying to aim they simply 1 shot and forget and let 7 missiles fire off doing the work they previously did.

anyway. involving the damage, he mentioned it was gonna “match the homing shots” which means they will probably go down to 49.

my speculation
tracking shot down to 49-55
homing shot unchanged or increased to 55.
This would still be an overall nerf, but wouldnt hurt Emet as bad as it could if they dont touch anything else.


I have not seen anywhere, where they said they would make it 1.5:1. Others have said it, but i’ve yet to see a Dev say that.