Pre-ordering Problems


Hey I don’t know if anyone else has ran into this problem but for some reason I never got my pre-order bonus’s, being the behemoth for free and the savage goliath skin, when I picked up my pre-ordered Evolve game, i was not the recipent of a code, im guessing this came on a pamphlete inside the case or something? Anyways I was just wondering if there is anyway that could get refunded for the cost of the behemoth, which suprised me with a $15 fee when tried to play with him the first time. I would appreciate any feedback.


There’s a pinned topic about it I think. You have to check with the retailer that sold you the code. Also, check your DLC. It might be that it’s there and just not “activated”.


If you have an Xbox one you need to:

  1. go to My Games
  2. hilight evolve and hit the menu button
    –NOTE: menu button: three lines next to blue X
  3. select manage game
  4. bundle content should show up on right under Ready to download section.