Pre-Ordered Monster Race version and dont have the extras


Am i doing something wrong I pre-orded the Monster Race Edition from steam and dont have the Behemoth or extra hunters or skins? Whats up? DO i have to unlock them or what?

Steam PCMR not available

The DLC Monsters and Hunters are not yet released. They will be unlocked for you as soon as they are released.


The other 4 hunters haven’t been released yet, same with Behemoth. The skins I believe are the magma ones (monster) that you get right from the get go. As far as the other skins for the monsters

“Celebrate the release of Behemoth when he comes to Shear with a skin for each of the first four Monsters: Goliath, Kraken, Wraith & Behemoth.”

Seems like they will come when Behemoth is released.


Ok, so its just part of the DLC thats coming then, makes sense then i guess. Thanks for the speedy response.