Pre-Ordered last year... no upgrade to monster pack? PC


I preordered the game last year, did the Alpha/Beta whatever in October, and I absolutely loved the game. Playing a hunter was great, but playing the monster was better. My use of the Kraken was… annoying to the hunters. Anyhow, when I pre-ordered, there was only one version available… the $60 normal game.

While $60 is ok for console games nowadays, it is annoying for PC games to be this much, especially for digital downloads… anyways, I even tried on steam to order the Monster version, but it wouldn’t let me. How do we obtain the stuff from the monster pack?

Keep up the good work. I love the whole Left4Dead feel and being a monster while you feel powerful, can get rocked with teamwork. Lucky for me, not many PUGs use teamwork.


Did you preorder from steam? If so as long as the game remains unreleased in your location you can refund the preorder then reapply that store credit to your PCMR edition. Hurry though, time is running out.


What Khaz said.
It should still how up in your purchase-history on steam with a ‘refund’ button. The only way is to refund it and buy the Monster Race edition on steam.


Thanks @TheAlmightyKhaz and @b1nge

I will get on that now.


Np, open steam community and click on your accountname on the top right. Then click “Account Details”, it should show up in there


Yep, done. Unfortunately, I already ordered the season pass… but I cannot seem to access steam support to refund it… because it does not show up with a refund option.

Thanks again for the help.


Anytime man. Glad we could help.


I think your best option is to make a steam support ticket for the Season Pass


Unfortunately, I can’t do it from my work computer or my phone. Having issues logging into steam support.

I’ll work on it this evening when I get home. It will all come out to about the same when it is refunded.


Unless the page is broken.

I had to send a message to steam support because the page to do it yourself is broken.


Even if you made the support ticket it would take 5 days at least for them to respond.
Valve customer support is…whatever :stuck_out_tongue:


Meh, I sent in the ticket, then responded back or it would close automatically… so looks like I may or may not get that refund on the Season Pass…


Ok, so update… I had canceled my normal order of Evolve for the Monster Pack successfully.

I just received an email letting me know that the season pass has been removed and refunded.

That was not only fast, but good stuff for me. Woot!


Like others have said, you have to contact Steam Support to get this upgraded.


yes, as now it is too late to do it yourself. As long as it was in pre order status you could issue a refund yourself on the account page / store transactions, but yeah you DO need support now.