Pre-order Upgrade


Please allow those who received a gift of the game to upgrade their versions. It is not fair for those that wanted it early and traded for it to be unable to upgrade to the better additions


Um… what?


if someone got this game on steam either as a gift or through a trade they are stuck with the vanilla version and are unable to upgrade. if there is any know fix it should be known or created


Um… the games not out yet? Are you talking about modding the beta?


No, there are 4 tiers of preorder


He’s saying he has the $60 and wants to upgrade to the $80 or $100 one

If you got it through steam you could try filing a return ticket saying you intend to buy the bundled version, they might refund you since the game hasn’t come out yet idk.

Don’t know if that would work for a gift copy or not though


He’s saying that he was gifted the game or traded it, and because HE didn’t purchase it, he can’t upgrade it from the base version to something like the PC Master Race version.


Okay, I see now


this is correct, you cannot refund because I personally didnt buy the game


I too got the game as part of a trade so no option to refund and would like an upgrade option to be made available. There is a steam thread with a lot of +1’s for the PC version on this topic specifically. steam forum post about upgrade option

We almost want an option like the “Season Pass Pre-order PLUS” pack that includes the other Monster Race add ons…


That really sucks, but at the same time, you could see it as a good thing as well-- now you get to invest that 60$ you didn’t spend into DLC you want-- personally, I coulda done without the extra hunters, but whatever-- it’s part of the bundle.


I can see how that would be a plus for some but there is a very large group that knows they want the dlc and are willing to pay for the upgrade charge but we are unable to


trading doesn’t mean I didn’t spend anything… I had originally purchased the item that I traded for evolve… It was another AAA title at the time that I got an incredibly good deal on but wasn’t really my bag… I’m a bit of a scrooge truth be told… happy to spend if the ROI is many hours of enjoyment… but I will always squeeze for the best value for money where I can…

Still think there should be a an upgrade option to the Monster Race edition… make it so!! 2K or TRS whichever of you allegedly cares about your customer base…


Exactly. I know a bunch of people are posting in forums and opening support tickets for this issue. The worst part is it is effecting the ones most passionate about this game because they wanted it right when it hit the store


Agreed. It should be an upgrade. I was only trying to give alternatives in case it never happens :C


Yeah that totally makes sense and thats what I’m starting to feel like how I should start looking at it because the companies are not being very helpful