Pre-order unlocks all the hunters etc right?


Okay so like i pre-ordered Evolve a few weeks before the release and it said you would have all hunters, monsters etc. unlocked when the game releases, but i dont have all the hunters or all the monsters unlocked. Anyone knows?


What platform?


Pc version


The PC Monster Race?


I just pre-ordered nothing about a monster race


PC didn’t ship with anything unlocked. Xbox preorderers who played in the beta got to keep all of their beta unlocks, everyone else had to grind play a bit before they could use them.


You misread something, because it does not and has not said that.


Then nothing would unlock for you, unfortunately.


okay :frowning: well thanks for telling


It doesn’t take long to unlock them. :slight_smile:


There are no versions of the game that unlock all tiers. You have to progress through them, because the tiers are intended to have harder to use characters at the top.


I wouldn’t say harder to use, just different. Personally I find Cabot much easier to use than Hank or Bucket.


And Parnell is easily the easiest assault to play - no need to think about utility at all, just pure damage.


Markov/Hyde/Parnell Auto aim gun/aoe gun/shotgun+self damage.
Val/Laz/Caira/ Auto heals/No heals, but revives/Hard to land heals w/ reload.
Hank/Bucket Gun/Shield, relies on deployables, No defense/zoning, pure dmg.
Maggie/Griffin/Abe Daisy/Spikes/Nothing

Those are progressively more difficult.


It didn’t say unlocked, it just said available. It takes about 2-3 matches to unlock any tier class and you’ll learn a lot in the process. I don’t think anyone should just be instantly playing as Laz or Abe without knowing how the basics work…


Markov is all about the mines not the auto aim gun. You forgot to say Cabot and Abe gets the tracking darts he can leave in corpses or other wildlife that’s still alive… Feels you didn’t do the basic mechanics justice :slight_smile:


Abe takes the longest to find monster, 95% of the time. And I didn’t forget Cabot’s dust, I just didn’t list it as a support.


Val might auto heal but she only has a sniper for offense, Caira is much easier for offensive play and can heal more people than Val can.

Different yes, but I still disagree that they are progressively more difficult.


Grenades are easy to miss and can be blocked by monster, and yes, she’s easier for offensive play, which isn’t usually the medics goal. That’s kinda my point.


Easier to heal your team though. I understand what you’re saying, the medgun is just point and shoot, but it still only heals one person at a time.

Again, for myself I find Caira much easier to play. I have no experience with Laz so I will default to you there.