Pre-order Issues


I just read on IGN that if you preorder the game & play the beta on Xbox, you’ll get 4 characters and the Wraith unlocked instantly when the game is released. I wanted to preorder the game to get the fourth monster free but is it weird of me to complain about getting 5 things unlocked as well? I feel like that will greatly diminish the replay ability of the game & make it feel much shorter because there will be a whole tier and monster unlocked already. Anyone understand where I’m coming from?


Damn, I didn’t know they’d be perma-unlocked for release ( the third tier I meant ).

That kind of sucks for people who want to unlock as they go! Maybe prevent yourself from playing the monster until you master the first star of each ability of the previous character? It’s not the same, but oh well.


Maybe they think XBone players aren’t able to unlock things on their own? It’s like safety scissors at school that can’t cut paper. :smiley: I keed I keed… maybe :smiley:


That’s only if you pre-order it on the Xbox store digitally, I believe. If you pre-order it from any other retailer then you won’t be able to play as the Wraith/Third tier Hunters in the beta, so you’ll have to unlock them in the full game later.

Which is probably why I’m going to stick with my physical disc copy pre-order!

Evolve Questions and Answers

I prefer physical copies for consoles! Having digital purchases just seems so wrong on them for some reason D: I -have- to put a disc into that tray, damn it!


Yeah I’ve never truly bought anything digitally from a console, unless it’s only available via digital download i.e. from the Xbox Live store. I don’t know, I like looking at my disc collection. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahaha, the first time you go from playing one game to another by saying “Xbox, go to evolve.” without getting out of your chair is more than enough to not buy physical for me.

Suuuper lazy.


Didn’t realise that, see! I completely forgot this is a feature in consoles now. :'D


Yeah I can see where you’re comming from. but i’m pretty certain you can just delete your save data before playing the full game.


I’m in the same boat, a pre order from GAME here in the UK gets you instanst access to the second tier of hunters. But I’m still going to try and level up normally. So long as I get the monster expansion pack, I mind not


Oh, did not know that, unfortunately I planned on preordering it there :stuck_out_tongue:


True! Good idea!


As an Xbox player I am outraged :wink: I still prefer to earn everything.


[quote=“MaddCow, post:3, topic:25708”]
Maybe they think XBone players aren’t able to unlock things on their own? It’s like safety scissors at school that can’t cut paper.
[/quote]LMAO Comment of the year goes to maddcow… i am aware of how much time is left in the year… but no one will beat that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Kotaku made an article about this issue, albeit a bit over dramatic