Pre-order game bonus


I think I’m buying this game twice, maybe even 3 times for all systems. Because PC is guaranteed for me. But most of my real friends are on consoles and the plan was to get both consoles anyways.

But I’m waiting for the steam one to pop up so I can buy that first. I plan on buying the destiny bundle for Ps4 so I will pre order then.


that’s fair enough but I hope that we can get the 4th monster another way by just buying on steam.


again, this reminds me, will this game have a season pass? This may be the only game I can think of where it would be totally worth it.


I think people should start buying games on disc from the shops more often instead of downloading them as for a lot of gamers its the only chance to see the sun or meet real people in person and not just avatars :stuck_out_tongue:


Forgive my ignorance…but what is a season pass?


It’s basically where you pay to get DLC that will come out over a certain time period for a discounted price. So for example, if it’s planned that Evolve will get 4 new hunters and a monster every 2 months, for four months and each one will cost £10, you can buy a season pass that might cost £30 and it saves you that little bit extra rather than buying each bit of DLC individually, which would cost you £40


game stop needs to be put out of business anyways so i suppose i should start going digital only


Yea, I’ll be getting all the DLC, so a season pass would be nice.


I actually enjoy going to game stop, for one, you end up being able to buy games for way cheaper than you’ll ever likely find on the PSN or XBLive



i have a question regarding the pre-order bonus for Evolve.
I pre-ordered the PEGI Version via Amazon and saw that the Bonus is missing.

For comparison:

Is this an error on amazon’s part?


Hmmm, it could be an error! Try getting into contact with them about it, hopefully they should have the pre-order bonus there. Otherwise it’s a mystery to me!

PS: Off topic but you have Shiro as your avatar, that’s brilliant! I LOVE that manga/anime. :smile:


ok i will try that thanks.

OT: Shiro is awesome :smile: