Pre-order game bonus


Hi ! I was wondering, how will we get the pre-order bonus (I mean the fourth monster DLC when he’ll be available) ?..

For example, if I pre-order the game without having the PC/PS4/Xbone, can I get my bonus later ?..

(I’ve never pre-ordered a game and don’t know how it’ll work…)


How pre-orders work usually is that you get the game and codes come with it to unlock the bonuses, that you can use whenever. You’ll be fine.


You’ll probably be sent an email containing your code


If you pre-order it from a store then you’ll get the game as normal and there’ll be a code on the inside that you redeem in the Xbox/PSN store. They usually last for at least a year so you don’t need to worry about it expiring


The website I normally pre-order from has the code on the website stored if you get it but like Plaff said, it normally comes in the box!


Ok that’s cool !..
It’s easier to earn some money to buy a game than buying the monster which will run it…
And maybe I won’t be able to play before some mounths but just in case I would like to own the game ^^


When i pre ordered it it said they will send me a email with the code for it on the day of release. Maybe its because im in the Netherlands, idk.


I know Gamestop either puts it in the box or the code is printed on your receipt.


Speaking from retail experience here, there are a few ways to get pre-orders.

Most commonly, you’ll receive the code through an e-mail that was used when purchasing (either pre-ordering online, or with a “frequent” program like GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards) that auto entitles you to the DLC content.

In the event that you don’t have an email address, you might get a code printed on your receipt. This is sometimes the distribution method for in-store purchases as well (completely side-stepping emails). Once the code is entered into an account, you are auto-entitled to the content.

Third, and most uncommon, is a printed code inside the retail box. In the event of a digital purchase, you’ll automatically get the content “bundled” with your purchase (sort of a like a digital deluxe edition).

I have no idea which of these distribution methods will be employed with Evolve, but I would assume it’s most likely the first combined with the second. But, I have no clue.


I could start by asking to some game sellers if they propose the pre-order of Evolve…!

Anyway thank all of you, I feel reassured.


Oh, forgot about that. It won’t be valid till its released though :frowning:


If you’re talking an in store purchase you’re probably going to get some card stock with a code on it…I don’t really remember how that goes its been so long.

In steam or w/e you’d just get marked down for the code and you’d find it in a drop down window for DLC.


The codes you get in the physical copies are usually like this


Speaking of pre-orders, what content has been confirmed? I know the following:

General: Monster pack - savage Goliath and DLC monster
Gamestop: Weapon skins for hunters
EB: Fast hunter unlock

Did I miss any?


I think that’s everything so far


Amazon also has their own pre-order bonus:

“With the Amazon Exclusive Instant Hunter Pack, jump start your game and get instant access to four additional hunters: Hyde the Assault, Griffin the Trapper, Lazarus the Medic, and Bucket the Support.”

Xbox One Page


I’ve already pre-ordered the PC version, I’ll get that too right?


I really hope that when the pre order hits on steam (for the digital only version) we have a chance to claim the pre order bonus of 4 hunters and the 4th monster also. Because i’m a big advocate of “digital only”.

I’m kinda sensing there’s an odd contra evolution going on these days regarding this. For example If I wouldn’t have ordered the seasons pass of watchdogs with my digital only PC version on Uplay. (which I absolutely am excited for to play by the way) but then I wouldn’t have had access to the 60 minutes more gameplay from all the physical pre order options.

I somehow find it a slightly odd business decision that as of late, some pre order boni can only be obtained by buying a physical disk… you know, in this day and age :slight_smile: It’s understandable ofcourse from a standpoint that consoles are “a thing” nowadays, but you’d think companies also give “full pre order option” on digital only downloads like on steam.


When will I be able to Pre-Order on Steam? I’m so hyped up for this game. Can’t wait!


The reason these bonuses go only toward the disc games is because places like Gamestop get no profit from digital downloads. Gamestop makes most of it’s profits on used games but if everyone buys digital, there won’t be any used games meaning they loose money, so they want people to stick to disc games so they can keep making money