Pre-order dlc

I pre-ordered the evolve game from walmart then when i got it i couldn’t find the dlc code. So i checked the game 2 see if the goliath skin(savage) was there and it wasn’t and now i’m worried if i may not get the 4th monster behemoth. Can anybody please tell what i can do.

Someone else had an issue with walmart…IIRC they gave you a $5 card when you pre-ordered and you have to use that card and redeem a code via VUDU and then they give you the code for the preorder stuff. It’s ass backwards.

I’ll see if I can find one of the threads for you.

Found it! - Any spare Monster expansion pack codes ps4?

Thanks for the help but i actually found the redeem code moments after i made the comment u just got 2 go on the email they sent u there will be a link click on that link and then its simple from there on.

Glad you figured it out!