Pre-Order Codes for PS4 Didn't Download


I pre-ordered the game over the weekend and when I went to redeem the codes it worked but it didn’t take me to a download screen. I can understand the monster expansion code not having a download yet, but shouldn’t the exterminator skin code have a download? Or am I wrong?


yeah bro i put in the codes for them from the receit 4 xbox one. it said i owned it but theyre was no download. can the people from 2k or turtle rock get on this because i want my skin and future free monster


Same ! I didnt even get the game ? I redeemed my code and nothing happened after that. I went to the website where it said I purchased it , but still no download


Someone We need Help!


@Plaff idk anybody can u connnect me to somone for help, I really like this game and I want to be able to play what I payed for, It really isn’t fair


Same here!


Ps4 version


They told me they were having difficulty today with the updating and all and the codes/dlc/game should be avalible tmrw


This happened to me too. They should be working on a fix


guys i figured it out. on xbox one go to manage games and u should see the monster pack and exterminator pack downloading…dont forget if ur codes werent in the case check the receit. hope u didnt throw it away lol


Is this fix working for others in this thread?


The same thing happened to me I haven’t played yet I really want the behemoth


Has anyone figured this out yet? have it on ps4 and still no download.


Have you guys fixed this yet? have it on ps4 and its not downloading my pre order bonus. Says it been redeemed but no downloading is happening.


When I played the game the skins showed up eventually under the customize option, but they weren’t there at first for some reason. I am going to operate under the assumption that this means the codes worked so whenever Behemoth is released it better be unlocked for us. That’s all I got guys.


How long did it take you to notice it?


Any movement on this?? Codes are still not working properly.


same problem (ps4) behemoth has come out i have played with him once on 31st of march but now at the 2nd of april i cant play with him again or my savage skin and i have pre ordered it any help would be apreciated (edit: it works now finally :D)