Pre-order Characters and Wraith not unlocked


I preordered the deluxe digital edition from Xbox. I’ve gotten the alternative monster skins, but the tier 3 and Wraith are still showing as locked. I have installed the game again and cleared the cache on my XBone. This seems to be a problem for several people. One of the reasons I preorded was to get access to more characters off the bat w/out the grinding.Is there a thread that explains how to fix this? If so can you post the link?

Also I don’t see the day one patch. And I keep getting bounced from online matchmaking. I want to love this game, but these small things are adding up. I would like to hear back from someone at the company on how to fix this.

Why isn't my third character set or the wraith instantly unlocked for me?

Getting the same thing, not that I am against unlocking things through playing a game but I do wish to receive what I paid for.


I get that it’s not an immediate unlock and that it may be a bummer since you were told they’d be unlocked from the get-go, but…

I frankly doubt you “paid” for your unlocks.


Same problem, one of the reasons i pre order was for the instant unlocks of the 3rd tier hunters and especially the wraith.
So where the heck is the content? Has anyone from the company replied to any of these dlc topics?


Unfortunately, there isn’t really any official word on this, but I’m pretty sure they’re looking into it. It’d be unlike them to ignore this generally widespread issue.


Yeah I hope so, other then that, well…


Not for nothing, but they clearly stated that the characters will be unlocked:

If you participate in the Xbox One Open Beta, all character unlocks that you make through Kraken and the second tier of Hunters carry over into the final game when you purchase Evolve. As an Xbox One digital exclusive, if you pre-purchase the game you also instantly-unlock Wraith and the third tier of Hunters in both the Beta and the final game.



That is, IF you played the beta in the first place


That’s not what it says. It only says the stats carry over if you play the beta. It goes on to state that exclusive to the XBO, if you pre-order, you get the unlock.

Besides - I played the beta (as well as the alpha and the first beta) and yes, I was logged into my My2K account. I had 3 of the 4 Tier2 hunters unlocked when I fired up Evolve yesterday.

Doing some more digging, there seems to be some reference to having to pre-order while the beta was going. I did my pre-order after the beta. However, even on the Xbox site where I purchased the pre-order, it stated they would be unlocked. The page does not exist anymore, but the URL from my history on 1/27 seems to indicate as such:

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the game, but they need to be more clear if pre-ordering during the beta was the requirement.


Indeed they do

yes. During the beta, IF you played it, Xbone players would get the 3rd character unlock. Not because of the pre-order itself.


Exactly my point. I played during the beta. I have my Tier2 unlocks. I pre-ordered on 1/28. I don’t have the Tier3 unlocks. By what you are stating, I should have Tier3 unlocked, correct?


If you pre-orderd before or during the beta, and played the beta, then yes


I have the same Issue… I pre purchased (paid in full) on January 16th. There was a big announcement stating if you pre purchased through the Xbox Marketplace, that you will get to play with Tier 3 Hunters and Monster. When beta launched, took them about 11 hours to finally make Tier 3 available to those who pre purchased. I have 2 friends who Pre Purchased LAST WEEK, and they have their characters. They didn’t have them for beta. I am still sitting here with no tier 3, and frankly, pissed off because we are getting dicked around about something they are not making good on.


No thats not it ,my friend pre-purchased DD edition after the beta and got his 3rd tier characters, the problem occurs when you preload the retail version after the beta is over and you still have the beta on the console, 3rd tier unlocks get stuck to the beta and there is nothing you can do to fix it.

Source: I preordered and did not get my third tier hunters because of this


No thats not how it works my friend prepurchased after beta and got his unlocks


I had the beta still on my XBO as well. If that’s the case, that’s pretty crappy. I’d be curious to see if any others who are missing the Tier3 Hunters kept the Beta data as well.


I’m almost 100% sure thats what causes it, and yeah if the do not fix this, thats pretty scummy, I worked hard for that 80$


My friend kept Alpha and Beta on his console. He got his unlocks. I deleted both. Only received Goliath skin.


If you delete it after you preload the retail is when its a problem


So still no response on when this will be fixed? Unbelievable.