Pre-Order Cancelled?


Just received an email stating that “due to a change in our system we’ve had to cancel your pre-order.” There’s a coupon for use to submit a new pre-order.

So… What’s up with that?


They had a change in their system, you got a coupon to get a new pre-order.


I think @Rctboy95 is onto something


Too obvious. Where’s the conspiracy?



I cant.
I come back to the forums and I see this
I lost it.

I lost everything I have ever found or will find.

#Vexille here, Officially lost on Evolve Forums 10-7-2014 at 4:34PM

(Laughed way too hard than I should have btw)


If you PM me your name, address, credit card number, expiration date on the card, and the security code from the back, I’ll be sure to take care of this for you.


Never forget


Benedict Cumberbatch is that you?


<3 you saved my picture


i get the refrence, cartoon’s plural


I am sorry to crush your dreams but that puppy is hot off the google image search


wht chu talkin bout?


I google image searched illuminati and I don’t know what you’re talking about.


o i posted the same pic on the reflexes thread


Yea, I figured, hence this post


dream crusher


Mom, is that you?