Pre-order came early - can i stream it?


Got ps4 version arrive earlier than expected.
I also have pc version ready to go in steam, but obviosuly thats locked atm.

Am i allowed to stream or should i just not risk it lol.??

I review games on , so i guess i can just play it to review it for now?


You risk of getting banned as thats against RULES.

At the same time sending you the retail item before launch date is also illegal !


Can you boot the game?That’s what you should try first.And if you do i guess you can only play offline.
If that’s the case i don’t see a reason streaming while playing with bots :smile:

And yeah its illegal :slight_smile:


Not illegal, just a broken street date.

I’d be careful though, I’ve seen plenty of people banned for streaming prior to the actual launch of a game.

Probably see if you can get word from @macman or someone else.


Pretty sure its a no.Not pretty sure.I’m 100% sure its a no.

But hey who’s going to find out if you are playing it offline right?You can do that ^^


True and banning before streetdates should be illegal.
He’s promoting a product for free which could lead to more sales.

1 alpha, 1 beta, a press release and then banning a consumer over streaming an early copy that was paid, seems hypocrit and displays no trust towards the final product, it makes no sense in Evolve’s case and is disrespecting the customer.

I agree with you though, it’s the jealous among us that scream BAN because they haven’t had their copy yet.


Not illegal at all.


I think he is talking about banned from twitch not from game.I don’t think there is even 1 incident of someone getting ban from the game.I’ve heard about suspending the “player” from playing till the launch.But not banning him.


I know, I was directing at Twitch as well or Ustream, without us, there would be no bread, standing up for your rights is a natural thing.


well i was kicked off twitch for 12 hours, so don’t try it lol.
Also “pre order cancelled” was real in the twitch comments.