Pre order bonuses


I was wondering, I saw on Game a pre order bonus called the instant hunter pack. It said it unlocked Hyde, Bucket, Griffin and Lazarus. Does this mean you don’t get them if you don’t pre order or if you just unlock them at the start of the game?


It means you’ll have 8 Hunters unlocked the moment you start the game where as other players will start with 4 Hunters unlocked.


Cool thanks. Also will you unlock more skins for your characters as you play?


Will you need to play as a specific class to unlock more hunters in that class. For e.g. Play as Val to unlock Lazarus or can you unlock Lazarus by playing as the monster or trapper classes


Well, you’ll have four mounths to think about it, don’t worry ^^
But yeah, I guess something like this was planned : unlocking characters by playing with the four first. (actually five with Goliath ! =p)


What retailers are doing the instant hunter pack? I may have to switch mine from Gamestop.


I wouldn’t worry too much, I don’t think it would take too long to unlock them anyways


In the. Uk I only know that Game are doing it.


More details on unlocking soon. Can’t dive too deep yet.