Pre-order bonuses


Do I get Wraith and Behemoth only if I pre-order the game from steam?


wraith is automatically in, and behemoth is from any preorder. you will get both!


Only? No. Wraith is a part of the main game(free), and you can still buy Behemoth later on, but for 15 dollars.


You’ve probably been confused by them saying you can get wraith in the bETA if you preorder. But as has been said everyone gets her upon release


So, I just now discovered the “Evolve PC Monster Race” and it says “Evolve Monster Expansion Pack, Fifth Playable Monster

What does the Monster Expansion Pack contain? Only Behemoth? Also do you get the Fifth monster only if you buy Evolve Monster Race?

Imo, there should be a DLC sticky so people know how they get x and what they get in y.


Yes. Behemoth is the only monster in the expansion pass. If you but the Monster Edition you also will get the 5th monster (who will be available to EVERYONE on EVERY PLATFORM for $15 separately).