Pre-Order Bonuses Not Unlocking


I pre-ordered the game digitally of the xbox one, and I have only recieved the savage goliath skin and not the 3rd character or the monster. I also never got the 3gb update for the game. How can I download these because they wont automatically do it like what happened for all my friends.


That’s because, surprise surprise, there is no Day 1 DLC other than skins.

Behemoth ( the pre-order monster ) is not out yet.

If you didn’t get the 3GB patch, then you shouldn’t even be able to connect to the servers-- so yes, you have it.


Third tier hunters and monsters are already in the game. 4th monster is in the making and will be made available when they finish it.


The xboxone pre order comes with a shorcut for the 3rd tier characters which didn’t automatically download for me, and the monster expansion pack which was also supposed to download automatically didn’t.


Did you participate in the Beta? You had to, and you needed to make a my2k account with which you’d link in-game during said Beta.

If you didn’t do any of this, then it’s normal that you don’t have everything unlocked right off the bat. Sorry.


Yes I did, and I am looking at my invoice right now and it says “Evolve Pre-Order + Third Characters Set” So clearly I should get it.


This is pretty damn odd then. I’ll recategorise this thread’s category so it gets looked into, alright?

It seems like a bug or an error. I’ve heard it happened to a few people.


I have this exact issue. Xbox says that it is something to do on 2Ks end. I have submitted a ticket through them, the only response I have received so far is to verify my Gamertag, email, and proof that I bought it.

Link to the thread I started this morning. I am still in the dark, no Tier 3, no one having a clue as to why I don’t. If you find out anything GC2MT, please let me know, I will do the same.


Same problem and i’ve verified with Xbox I downloaded it. I got the skins but no unlock of tier 3 or the wraith. Someone at 2K get an answer please.


I took part in the beta and pre-purchased after it was over and didnt get them, but my friend prepurchased after it was over and got them so thats not it, and my2k account is properly linked because bucket carried through


I didn’t do the Beta, was too busy wasting my life on Destiny.


So I don’t think needing to have your My2K account in the Beta was a thing. I didn’t even have one during the beta and all of my unlocks were there.


I have the PC version, and you could not play the beta without a 2k account. Same with the Alpha too. The 2k account links correctly for hunters quest and my game for the unlocks and the AWESOME REPLAYS! Thanks for the app 2k! Love it.


Oh I know, I played on the Open Beta on Xbox One and made an account to move masteries over. Now, I’m just grinding for bones for the Bestiary!


Yoyo.If you pre-order the DELUXE edition you should have your hunters.But people are complaining that they don’t.Its a bug and TRS already knows that.Either expect a fix or just go unlock them your self (Tip.You can unlock by playing with bots for super-fast unlocks)


My friend figured it out. He uninstalled the beta this morning and lost the 3rd characters.