Pre-Order bonus turnoff


I’m sorry, as excited as I am for this game, the moment I saw that that not only is there a pre-order bonus, but that it’s a entire monster, I was entirely turned off from pre-ordering.

Day 1 DLC and pre-order bonus’s are some of the worst practices in the gaming industry right now. I’ve got no doubt that Evolve will be a great game, but I’m now completely against pre-ordering it, simply on principle.

I don’t know how many people on here share my view, but I know I’m not alone in the gaming community. Turtle Rock / 2K has lost my respect, and my pre-order. I’ll buy and play the game on-launch or after it’s been patched for bugs. I don’t plan on advertising the game by word of mouth either, although I’ve already shown it to a number of my friends.

This is a shame too, as I was really pleasantly surprised at the large amount of community interaction I saw from the developers.


Hang on a minute, explain yourself, what do you think you know about the preorder ?


And that’s ok for you to make that choice but honestly you have to understand at the end of the day this is a business and that is just how the industry is these days. Seasons passes, pre-order incentives all that jazz is just common practice in the industry.

For me I look at it as I was already going to buy the game on Day 1 and now I get something for free by doing so which gives me a greater incentive to buy the game as I’ll get more out of it. Games now a days are sadly not free and giving away content is not an easy thing to do, they already said maps would be free and there would be no segmenting of the community. Just because they bring out a new monster and will charge for it (which is expensive as hell to create something like an Evolve monster) doesn’t mean they are evil, it just means they think the work they put into it is worth putting that content behind a pay wall.


There is no Day 1 DLC.


Evolve doesnt have day one DLC. You get the monster when they make it :stuck_out_tongue: its not made yet


Well, think of it like this:
They plan on expanding the game one way or another. By showing that you appreciate and trust them so far as to want and risk making a pre-order, they are rewarding you with free access to a feature they will implement in the future.

The fourth Monster isn’t ready. It isn’t even completely made yet. They do have people designing it… People that can do so without hindering the main game’s progress. They are working on it already because they can, and because they want to get it ready on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean they are withholding content from the game. If they were another company, or if they were not as open about it, I might think this way, but they are pretty trustworthy.

The game always advertised specifically three Monsters and twelve Hunters. This one is outside that proposal.


And you are able to play with the monster without having even bought it, what is the issue with that ?


I am aware there is no day 1 DLC. I am also aware that this is a trend in the industry, and that they’re not evil. It’s simply a matter of principle.

By accepting that it’s just something that companies do, and that there’s nothing we can do about it we encourage it and the practice propagates. I know of plenty of companies that make an active effort to go against the norm.

I am a big Star Citizen backer. I won’t go into great detail, but the company developing Star Citizen has gone against many of the toxic practices currently used in the gamin industry, and they have benefited from it.


:no_mouth: now I am confused. So you protest to the idea of DLC in general then?


Well, yes…

However, I’m specifically talking about pre-order bonus’s. There have been a number of companies that have outright lied in their game demo’s, and the finished product is often not a good representation of the content shown before release.

Keep in mind that both Watch Dogs and Colonial Marines had pre-roder bonus’s.


So then… you would rather buy the game without bonuses… and then pay extra for DLC? Now I am confused for sure :laughing:


The preorder bonuses are fine in this one and aren’t overkill. Its a skin, a good skin and a monster, its no level 90 perk or anything like that.


The pre-order bonus’s are an incentive for you to buy the game without having actually played the game. Rather than have the game sell itself, it’s sold to you with free stuff. Thus, the game doesn’t actually need to be good for you to buy it.

This really isn’t a hard concept to grasp.


I can relate to the OP. There have been so many release disasters in gaming the past several months that I’m also turned off to preordering. If the Master Chief Collection can completely fail at being a multiplayer game I just don’t trust anyone to do it right anymore. TRS seems to be really great people, but this industry really needs to get its act together.


Do you know how much they stream, the fact there will be at total 3 oportunities to play, and the tons of youtube vídeos on it.
Having only played it a couple of times, and even without playing with all of the hunters/monster, i know exactly how they are and what they do.


Ok… there is an open beta? So you can play the game :stuck_out_tongue: also my point still stands… if the game was sold on release without a preorder, and just appeared in a store one day, then later you had to buy the fourth dlc monster, that would be better than an evil preorder with free dlc?


That is missinformation, there is only an open beta on the XBOX, the rest is ‘‘closed’’ so to speak, due to inviting all the players from big alpha players that bought left 4 dead 2, etc.


Seriously, whats the point of this thread? This pre-order stuff has been going on for years. This is completely up to the indivdual if they want to put their own money into a product or not. If you have a problem with pre-order and incentives then don’t buy it. I’m going to pre-order it because I love the concept and feel it’s worth the money unlike Titanfall or Watch Dogs.

The biggest goal for launch day for any game you sink millions of dollars into is to make the maximum amount of profit when it comes out. Can you really blame them for adding pre-order incentives?

You should be judging the game by it’s entire package, not some pre-order bonus which is peanuts to what you’re mainly paying for, the ACTUAL GAME.


I believe he was just stating his opinion, which he has the right to.


I’ve already said that this game will be good. There’s plenty of gameplay out there.

I’m talking about the concept of pre-order bonus’s. I’m not commenting on the quality of Evolve.