Pre-order Big Alpha codes? (not a repeat)


Hi guys,

So it seems that a lot of the concern about how to acquire our pre-order codes streamlines from those of you on PC. For me, I’m going to be playing Evolve on XB1. I pre-ordered this game sometime early this year, probably in like March or April, and at the time there was obviously ZERO talk about the Big Alpha. Since my pre-order has been with my local GameStop since then, that means that on my receipt I definitely wouldn’t have gotten any kind of alpha code. So my question is, how do I get my code? Do I make a trip to GameStop and tell them, “hey, I have a pre-order for Evolve, where’s my code?” Or do I go about it differently?



call in to your local gamestop. most stores do not know about it yet. you will get a code for pre-ordering either email or by walking in. iv had my preorder since like february x.x


Yeah, ok thanks. I actually called my Game Stop and they said that they haven’t heard anything about it yet and that he would check the website but they were busy at the moment. Guess we’ll have to wait and see! I just want to secure my spot rather than just sit around and stare at the empty inbox for my email addresses that I used the multi-use codes on haha. Thanks.


@kyronr600 was correct. If they don’t know right now, they should know by next week!


Awesome, thank you so much! I seriously cannot wait for this game to come out. I was so sad when I heard it was being delayed, but also happy that it wasn’t going to be released prematurely. Well, cya on Shear!


Heh heh, there needs to be just a little more patience out here. Shoot, when Skylanders Trap Team officially were supposed to hit the shelves on the 5th and I went out to get my copy for my son, nothing was on the shelves yet and the folks I spoke to had no idea what I was talking about! Granted it wasn’t at Gamestop…but still, give the storefronts some time and they will get the news real soon and you’ll be able to get your codes nicely set long enough before the alpha opens. It’ll all be copacetic! And if in doubt…grab a manager. I got my Skylanders directly from the shipping boxes they brought right out for me. Be kind and understanding…they don’t yet understand the full impact of the awesomeness Evolve is gonna be but they soon will!


Thank you! I got a code now I am trying to get my little sis an xbone code because they live upstairs and also pre ordered from Walmart with no way of getting their pre order code