Pre-order and Skin Issues


When I first played evolve on launch day I had all my pre-order skins there for all my characters but I didn’t have the Tier 3 characters. Then when I started playing on Friday February 13th they were all gone. So I decided to buy some skins just to have some but they didn’t appear and I can’t customize the skins on any of my characters. I followed guides on to fix this from a few websites but it still hasn’t worked. I love this game and have been waiting for it to come out and I now have close to 20 skins I want to use but it says I do not have! Can anyone help me out with this problem?


This is a known bug and is being investigated as we speak. Sit tight, we’ll have more info or a fix soon enough. :smiley:


Do you know if the bug when playing co-op evacuation is being looked at? I was playing the other day and it kept throwing me into one with five players when I was selecting the co-op mode.


Yes, we know of that one too- it’s meant to be an AI Monster. : /

Devs are tackling them all, don’t worry. We just need to wait a while…


Don’t worry I can wait a while because this game is wicked fun and I have fun every time I play :slight_smile: Sometimes these things take a while to perfect and I’m one gamer who understands that!


Thank you. We need more people who get it!


I thought of going into game design when I was in high school but I cannot draw for my life so I decided I.T. was more of my thing :smile: But my passion is still in gaming