Pre-loading a Steam game - What is the point?


I pre-loaded Dragon’s Dogma for PC because I ordered it early, but I can’t play. Why give it to people only to lock it until release? I mean, sure, I got the pre-order bonuses of exclusive soundtrack and (digital) artbook, but that stuff was secondary. I downloaded a whole ~13 gig game and it’s sitting there, taunting me.

Anyways, why do this, if we can’t play it any earlier? All it does is frustrate me that I can’t enjoy it when it’s so close. Still six days before it unlocks, too.


…Soooo that you don’t have to download it and wait LONGER after launch?

Pre-loading is so that it’s ready to go for launch. O.o


It should download in relatively short order, anyways…? My internet is crap and I’ve got it already. Even so, a whole week early? Seems like overkill to me.


not everyone has good internet. Preloading allows people with poor internet to still be able to play at launch. It also means you dont have to wait a second… It will be available instantly to you. Huzah DRM.


Your internet is not crap.

Shut up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here in Australia I take FIFTY FUCKING YEARS TO DOWNLOAD 500 MB JESUS CHRIST. It’s for people like us. ._.


You Americans make me jealous as all hell. xD


I used to have 50 down, 30 upload. Unlimited. For the price of $25 a month…

I regret moving with every fibre in my being…


I know that feel.

It’s been going for nearly fifteen hours and got done a few minutes ago. [quote=“MidnightRoses, post:6, topic:80549, full:true”]
You Americans make me jealous as all hell. xD

Not racist at all kappa


Did you say Google Fiber? :cow:


I live in the sticks. Only time I have unlimited is between 3 and 8 a.m. Otherwise, we have a data limit of 20 gigs per month. Worse than some smart phone plans, but over $100 per month.



  [quote=“TrickshotMcgee, post:8, topic:80549”]
It’s been going for nearly fifteen hours and got done a few minutes ago.

Would take three days for me or something. <.<


I changed my DL server to South Korea. Much faster than anything around me.





What server do you use? You can change it to something MUCH better than your local one if you look right.

Find one with a good ratio and switch to that. Something closer helps, but there’s nothing that good close to me.


Doesn’t it still have to use my internet? :O<G


Yes, but it can connect to servers that aren’t as heavily-loaded down. Like taking a road with less traffic. Put simply - still your car, same destination, but faster route.


Okey. :smiley: Thank.


No problem.

was the solution to the problem.


Solution to what problem?