Pre-Load before Release Date?


As the title says, will we get to pre-load before release?


Good question :slight_smile: hopefully we can and evrybody is allowed to preload so we can switch to NA servers ( and hopefully have no lag ).


Just don’t delete your alpha :stuck_out_tongue: Might save 8-10 gigs? :smiley:


I think its another build and steam could have problems when installing the real game while the alpha already has the slot taken.


I would assume that most of the files would be changed. They wouldn’t push down a smaller diff, they’d just push down the whole file. But heck, like any of us would care if the beta was freaking 50GB. Gimme now!

My hopes is that the beta’s performance is marks above alpha. I had to drop Alpha to low to get playable frames.


IF we get a beta :slight_smile: nothing confirmed.





Too soon to know the answer to this


I had to use medium, but I also stream and convert video on the same machine. I know that I can play much higher than what I can stream/record especially if they are both working.


Please link that.


I’m just trolling. There’s no news about a beta on PC.


My 2 terabyte hard drive is ready and willing! :stuck_out_tongue:


Evolve - 3 monster stages - 3 maps - TSR 3 letters! - 1 Alpha + 1 Beta + 1 Full release = 3



Evolve 3 confirmed