Pre-gameplay Challenges, and What Happens when you Complete them


So, I was messing around with Evolve: Stage 2, and all of a sudden “Hidden Challenge Completed: [Create a Badge]” appears on my screen… I think cool! Secret stuff! Now lets go see if completing that challenge unlocked anything… Ummmm how do I do that? Where is the info? Ummm Help?!

So yeah, am I missing something, or is there no way to view unique challenges you’ve completed and the rewards they have granted? If not, this would be a great feature to add when time permits, especially if there are multiple super secret hidden challenges :smiley:

Unlocks, and clarification

Alright so if you haven’t gotten your answer yet the hidden challenges give you silver keys.

The challenge you completed was making your badge and you got like 10 or 50 or some other small amount of keys for it.


Yes, but how many? It didn’t say anywhere on the message as far as I could tell :wink: Plus, it’s nice to be able to track stuff like this… so you know what you’ve done


I couldn’t tell you cause I did mine awhile ago but after matches it shows just to the right.


Yup, the Post-round ones are fine, it’s just any that dont appear on the Post-Match screen that aren’t clear.