Pre Game Ping Viewer (Ranked)


There should be some sort of ping estimater that is shown in the menus before starting a game of ranked.

Some of the least fun experiences friends and I have had is when we load into a game only to have a fellow hunter drop out of the match for 1-5 minutes.
Yes. Sometimes it is purely a dashboard.
Yes. Sometimes it is context corruption.
Other times it’s purely a lag out because of crap connection.
It’s also just as bad to play a game floating on 1200 ping. Just low enough to not get kicked out but super laggy.

So, we actually lose points for having bad connections with certain monsters. I’m sure monsters lose games too because of this.
It is really frustrating.
So much so that we’ve resorted to ping dodging because “playing the game” only means bad things(other teams and monsters do it too).
Is that fair?
The only reason it might not be is because of the way connections change. One day we might have crap connection with a monster but because it was the first impression day we now no longer play with that monster.
The suggestion could also help avoid situations where people lose points for these types of DCs.

The pre-game ping viewer would fix a lot. It’d let us know who we’re going to have a purely frustrating time playing and let us know when we can play them. It can be done. I’ve seen it in fighting games.


Couldn’t agree more . We need this

People who have high pings can save their time and change the lobby . In Asia / some countries in Europe is critical to have this integrated to the game