My university shut off access to my Xbox Live right before the content came out and I’m not going home for Easter


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Go to the principal and tell him you need access to xbox live or else you will commit honorable supoku.


How can they do that? You’re talking college right- they shouldn’t be placing any restrictions on you, you’re paying to go there…


I don’t know, my wifi still works, it’s just that you need Ethernet chord plugged in to play xbox here. I’m not sure if they do it on purpose as technically the system isn’t suppose to allow Xbox’s to work on it which is a very scary thought.


Why wouldn’t they allow an Xbox? You’re paying however many thousands a year to live there, there’s no way they should be denying you access.


Are you 100% sure?I heard xbox was acting weird today.And it doesn’t make sense to need an ethernet cable if you have Wifi.


I know :sob:


It’s been like this for almost a week now. It does this like once a month, my nat type switches which from open to strict and I’m pretty sure the IT department does it to… save them money?

You can’t use Xbox on wifi here, just how the system works.


Sometimes you can get around that by plugging an ethernet from your laptop to the xbox to share the internet. I had to do that sometimes since my dorm didn’t have ethernet plugs in the walls.

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Really! Can you explain the steps!!



To be fair, paying for something doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. Some apartments/homes don’t allow pets, even though you are paying to live there. Just trying to say that it is possible that this could be a rule.

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I believe it’s called bridging. Google it. I used to have to do it when I went to TTU. Basically what you do is connect you lap top to your wifi, then connect your Xbox to your ethernet port on your lap top/ pc. There are some settings you have to change on your pc, but idk them off the top of my head. Google it for the finer details.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it worked!!! You people are amazing!!! See you online muddereffers!!!


Haha, nice. Have fun with the new guys!

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I went to a university that blocked games for a long time. Their reasoning is that their network and resources were meant for educational purposes. While this was frustrating, their reasoning didn’t sound so bad after the network constantly slowed to a crawl and the tech support was constantly overwhelmed with non-campus/educational problems (it was difficult to get genuine help after a while.) Later the network was upgraded - both internally and the service provider - and the administration eased on the entertainment restrictions.

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Students need to relax doe :((((


Umm, what’s going on guys?