Praise to the developer - EVOLVE is just awesome


With Alpha and Beta-EVOLVE together I played Goliath 24 Hours now, and still the game is not boring. There is so much to do with 3 Monsters und 9 Hunters… Every Hunt is a new adventure and fight until the last second.

I once even one of my keyboards almost wrecked because the game can move me so in “lose- rage”. (Positive meant). Last time I kill one of my Keyboards was for 10 year… I guess I’m a real Goliath now xD A happiness that I use just 10 € Keyboards. Now I remeber why :slight_smile:

I love that. The last game that let me beat my heart so much, in every fight, was Monster Hunter. God praise this game too!!! <3<3<3

Great praise to the developer of EVOLVE. <3


Wait till you reach some of us.with all 3 100+ hours :slight_smile:

Game is still exciting :slight_smile:


Yea I hope so^^