Powerpuff Yourself!


@snowkissed Tweeted this and I thought it could be a fun little forum activity.

So Powerpuff Yourself and share!




With all my manliness and testosterone… I can’t do this…

My Dad would look at me weird…

I’d look at me weird…

But this is amusing and I can’t wait to see what the others make.


I only just noticed we picked the same background, heh.


Weekends be like…

Back to being a man now…



So, I tried so hard to make Rick. But, it wasn’t working. Rick can’t be power puffed. However, Finn from Adventure Time can be easily power puffed apparently, lol.

Don’t mind his girlish shoes and the tank top, he got overly power puffed. I couldn’t make it perfect. XD


Beard is a bit less full, but this is the closest I can get.

Come to think of it, I’m using this for my profile :grin: (on steam that is)


This was fun! :grin:



Half way through this I though…“Why am I doing this?”


Because it’s fun!



Nice! Haha love it!


Can’t change the eyes if you use glasses :frowning: Also, it doesn’t have my hair style or beard style :frowning: I am not a puff :stuck_out_tongue:


I would say that’s a good thing haha


Haha! Eh, I tried. xD


Thought this was a joke, but omg you actually did it! XD


I might be a derailer, but I’m not joking around :grin:

Eh, might change it around soon again anyways. But for now, ech


Tried to make it as similar to me in appearance as possible.


So many beards up in here. That makes me happy.

Wow, the options are more limited than trying to make a Mii.

I keep trying to post mine, but for some reason all that shows up is my accessory. Bogus.