Power relay


Needs to be higher delay after the monster being shot on relay its way to low slow shooting and reloading characters like bucket can’t stop monsters when the relay is low, its stupid how the monster just needs to spam melee to win needs to be atleast 3-5s instead of 1s


they cant just melee it they they have to hold the melee button on it


You know what i ment by that lol


Well bucket could put down sentry guns to help try keep the monster off. I don’t find it to hard to keep the monster off, but sometimes when its low health and my team is dead he will just keep trying.


You just need to shoot slower. I lost a game with a bucket teammate because he was unloading as fast as he could. You just need to spread out the shots until your team arrives.


That’s what I do on Bucket. Not sure why others don’t.


I think it is just the mind set of doing damage. Pressure and anxiety added to the fact that shooting is the easiest thing to fall back on in an FPS.


Shooting at the relay, you want to interrupt and annoy. Not do damage. ^.-