Pouncing, Jet Packs, and a few other gripes


Me and my friends have been playing this for about a month now and out of all of our gripes we all agree on a few things.

With the jet packs, they need to have some more speed when dodging or ascending. When I first played I was the monster a lot and kept asking why do the hunters stand there and let me hit them, then when I started playing with my friends I realized why. As soon as the monster hits you, you become a flailing dummy and have no chance to dodge out of the way when you recover unless the monster turns his attention elsewhere. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like when going up a cliff you ascend at the same speed whether or not you have fuel. So it would make sense if a) you climb faster if you have fuel or b) climbing along a cliff doesn’t consume fuel either way.

Pouncing with the monster has become very annoying, this has become a popular tactic even in the middle of a fight. Nothing annoys me more in this game than when I am face to face with the monster unloading on him and suddenly he is pounced on top of me. Or if he is tracked, dusted, tranqed, or slowed. This suppose to be a stealth move, if the monster sneaks up on a group and starts the fight by pouncing someone or pounces a hunter off by himself that’s fine. I can’t get pissed off at that. And lastly the monster shouldn’t be able to pounce the final hunter cause well…it’s just a cheap way to win.

The only other thing I would love to see changed is the personal shield for the assault class. This is another thing I believe is not as useful as it should be. At most it just protects you from a few hits from the monster. it should do more than that. If should turn the Assault into a tank. With the shield activated the assault should be able to shoot without being interrupted.