Pouncing cancelled, only one hunter left


I have noticed sometimes there seems to be a delay on hunter attacks registering such as Markov’s lightning weapon. Many times he was the only one near me, doing the lightning attack, I pounced and gor him only to break up the pounce automatically after one or two hits. The same happned with the new parnel. He was the only one left and I could not have the pounce stick so I had to down him just by hitting him, and holly hell he can survive for like minute under heavy attack.


It’s a bug with latency, they shouldn’t be able to do it otherwise.

The only ones able to do it regularly are the markovs because of how their weapons work so it’s no big surprise. :/


do not forget characters like markov can also place mine under you and while you pounce it will interupt it and damage you.


I believe there is a short time in the pounce animation that allows for the hunter to almost cancel the pounce if the monster is shot in that moment. It’s to give a lone hunter a small chance at escape. Some hunters will find it easier to do this because of the weapons they have though.

I’m not 100% sure on that though so don’t quote me on it. :smile:


Hearing it labelled as a bug was surprising to me as I thought that was intentional. I avoid pounces all the time with it and I’d hate to think I’ve been abusing a latency issue all this time…[quote=“Trollogrefey, post:2, topic:101336”]
The only ones able to do it regularly are the markovs

But this is definitely not the case. At least, not in legacy. I main Trapper and can regularly do it with Jack, Crow and Maggie (don’t play Abe or Griffin), and my second class is Medic. Can reliably break pounce with Laz, Slim or EMET. Any Assault Primary can reliably cancel it too.


If the lone hunter is able to deal damage to you as your lunging, they should be able to cancel. Other than most of the assaults it is quite difficult to pull off.


I’ve seen a Markov cancel a pounce after 2 seconds without any mines. He just became unpounced and went into the lightning gun firing animation for half a second then just started walking around again. It might have been lag, I’m not sure.


Hyde does it pretty well, speaking from experience as a Hyde main (as often as possible, when I’m not filling in for a different Hunter role) The flamethrowers constant damage can unhinge a Monster just as easily as Markov’s LG.