Pouncing and lag(?)


There is a mechanic in this game that throws you off your pounce in this game. That is good, it should be like this bcs you could basicly pounce whole hunter team.

If you pounce a hunter that’s shooting you, the damage treshold will break and you will not perform a succesful pounce

If it is indeed a bug I think it’s caused by desynchronisation between client the server. Indeed that hunter breaks the treshold, but before I actually do that pounce.
But due to the latency, the information that I’m taking damage that breaks the treshold comes to me AFTER I succesfully pounce which results in an unsuccesful try.

It’s annoying and once almost probably lost me the game (I was on like 3 last bars of health and last hunter, an assault kept breaking my pounce I killed him as the counter on dropship hit 0 seconds and I won… somehow…)


Yeah, this is an intended thing. If a hunter is shooting you while you’re in the pouncing animation he shouldn’t get pounced


I’m talking about the hunter I’m currently pouncing.

Those can’t shoot.




What don’t you understand?


You mean ones you have already pounced, or ones you are in the process of pouncing


What’s the difference?

I’m talking, they’re shooting at me and I pounce, I proceed into pouncing them and get knocked off


There is a very short timeframe in which when you are shot (by the hunter you are trying to pounce or not and must be direct damage rather than DOT), it will stop the pounce from landing. If I remember correctly, this is there to give a lone hunter (whether last alive or just isolated) a small chance to save themself from being pounced. It is intentional and not a bug. :slight_smile:

It is more difficult to pull off with some hunters however.


Well, one has a small period in which to shoot you, one doesn’t have the ability to shoot



EDIT#2: Y u gotta make this game so hunter sided?