Pounce wouldnt be so overpowered


If pistols interupted monster action like they used to…

Pounce on last hunter needs to be removed

I’m with you! If pistols can’t even interrupt pounces then what’s the point of having them? It’s not like they do any real damage to the Monster.


this would be annoying as hell, sorry but i can’t support the people who die having such power.


I’ve killed a few monsters with 2 of us spamming pistols that did at least 1 bar of health damage, considering the monster put us down, i feel thats enough


The pistols give you something to do when you’re downed, even though it doesn’t have much significance to the fight


Then reduce the damage
Your better of NOT shooting so the support can cloak you
I think during the alpha or beta pistols interuppted monster actions
so people actuactlly used pouncing for what it was made for
instead of a cheap stun and easy damage


Unless the monster’s armor is gone, and there’s like a 1/4 inch of health left, i don’t even bother shooting the pistol at it. All it seems to do is just piss it off and give it a reason to come back and just kill me outright.


If the monster is focusing the medic, I’d rather it finish me off than potentially down the medic. I’ve used it to draw it’s attention to me for that exact purpose in fact, when I play the hunter.


It would be better at that if it interuppted monster actions


Pounce is absolutely stupid.

If you stray from your team and the monster gets a sneak pounce on you and you die, that’s one thing. That’s entirely your fault, as you should never travel alone as a hunter.

However, when it gets down to a 1 v 1 and you’re trying to escape to at least give your team another chance via the incoming drop-ship, it’s stupid that all a monster has to do is press a single button and look in your general direction and the game is over.

One hunter vs a monster is already an incredibly impossible task, so why give the monster an even BIGGER advantage? Where’s the challenge in that?

This game is built around each side constantly fighting for the advantage, with it constantly shifting back and forth. If they somehow fixed this issue, it’d be even more so.

Some of my favorite wins as a hunter is by getting away as the last one standing and holding out until my team comes back.

This hasn’t happened in a long, long time, because now every monster realizes that all you need to do is pounce the last man standing and it’s GG. It’s just not skillful or impressive.

It’s like a boxer winning a match when their opponent’s hands are tied behind their back.

There should be a final stand of sorts when it comes to do 1 v 1 for pounce attacks, allowing the final hunter at least a CHANCE to get out and bring their team back.


This. If this is the design philosophy they want, then they should just let the monster win at 3 hunters dead.


The thing I find is that most half decent teams will not ALLOW you to pull that off. I know that the flow of a battle can change abruptly, but in most cases once two of the party are down (or worse, dead), it’s time to lower the dome and prepare to flee. If the monster is low on health you and the other guy can take a gamble to try and kill it, but it is exactly that: a gamble. Most of the time, it is wiser to split up even if the monster is low on health, unless it has so little health that if it runs it dies from chip damage. Because believe me, if I get two hunters down, I’m going to want to complete the set. If the hunters split, you’ll get one… but you will likely loose your chance to get the other one. If both hunters stay, well, 9 times out of 10 you’ve just been handed a win. I personally prefer to use abilities, as most of the time I’m trying to chase down a wily trapper or support, and I need something which can hit and interrupt them at range so I can hit them with everything I’ve got to end the match. But if the last hunter is standing there, shooting me with a pea shooter, I have effectively already won, abilities or no. That being said… 3 point rock throw or Lightning Bolt makes it ALOT faster and surer.


I used to be fine with sneak attack.

Then this weekend out of the blue it seemed like monsters were spamming it left and right and I found out why.

Sneak Attack, while making the monster more vulnerable, makes the fight 3v1. The person getting sneak attacked cannot evade, and cannot retaliate.

The CD will stop the spamming of it, but I think Sneak Attack needs a couple other things to make it what it should be, and not what it currently is.

  1. Getting shot should take the monster out of stealth, if they are taking damage they can’t use stealth. I think this is by far the best suggestion since it still lets the monster use sneak attack against an unaware hunter, while not making it an ‘I win’ button against the last man standing. By switching to a pre-emptive interruption by denying stealth rather than break the sneak attack, a monster can’t use it to CC someone in combat. They have plenty of ways to do that already.

  2. And I mean all damage: burning, poison, pistols, not just primary weapons and direct damage.

  3. Much smaller hitboxes. Some of them, especially Kraken, are the same size as the monster or larger. Kraken leaps its full length in front of it.


My cockroach achievement and “Draw” round would beg to differ. Its also homage to TRS’s original, L4D. Its their style.

I agree with OP though, I think there would be better last stand encounters if pistols could interrupt a sneak attack. It needs something changed to make it less boring. If there is one hunter alive it doesn’t take much for a monster to use a few skills and wreck them. Being pounced while 3 hunters are still alive shooting it with pistols is lame. If they’re all dead, fair enough the monster deserves the win, or if a hunter strays on its own, again fair enough for being stupid.


It’s not overpowered at all, it’s on rare times you can pull it off during combat, and if you can, more power to you, heh. If just anything interrupted it it would be useless in combat and only useful to kill animals faster.


Well, for that to happen the hunter needs to be by himself and sneaked by the monster, which to me is a good move by the monster, and a bad move by the hunter, so it’s fair that he can do it. As when you fall into a carnivorous plant and no one’s there to save you, that’s fail by the hunter team (which incidentally happened to me the last time I played, those guys weren’t very good teammate really).


So basically you get downed by a pounce and you just pistol them to break out of the pounce?

Nah. You deserved to be punished, Rambo.


No, that’s not what he’s saying. Let’s say your teammates are incapacitated and then you get pounced by the monster. Your teammates pistol hits should cancel the monster’s pounce on you. That actually gives some worth (and priority) to incapacitated hunters.


Sorry, meant to @Blake_Melton in stead of reply. The whole thing wasn’t a reply to your post, I was being light hearted. Killing monsters with my tiny pistol while I lay bleeding out on the ground is a huge deal for me. Why rain on my parade?


I just got the cockroach achievement a couple of hours ago and I was pretty hype lol. So I didn’t mean to rain on your parade, cockroach on good sir :smile: