Pounce teleport


I know this is well known and I have searched to try and find a thread on it but can’t seem to find one so just wanted to get an official response on it.

When you pounce someone and they will sometimes teleport behind you. Obviously it sucks and I would love it to be fixed but is it here to stay? I’ve read that it may be a “fix” (not exactly the best fix if it is) for the pushing hunters outside of a dome and it’s only meant to do this teleport thing if within a certain range of the dome wall. It does however happen whether you’re next to a dome wall or not.



@8:30ish you can see the bug happen. Would be nice to see it fixed. It’s caused a lot of hunters to avoid being hit and potentially killed by the follow up. In the moment, I tend to forget this exists =/


I guess it’s not exactly ideal for hunters either but damn is sucks for a monster. Follow up with a charge? Nopes!


It has been 7 days and no response, does anyone know?
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No clue here, sorry. :weary:


got to go with white hawk here. first time i’ve seen this bug.

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Oh it’s super common trust me, happens every game. No one seems to know if it’s a bug or an intended pounce nerf.


It certainly doesn’t look intended. Obviously I can’t speak to that in any official capacity.


choose the capacity perk then. it officially gives you an extra 40% capacity



This is not intended. I don’t think this is fixed on our builds yet, but I know we have the issue being looked at by one of our Monster programmers.


Hmm I thought this was the “15 Megamouths away!” type of pounce bug…

So there seems to be a pounce bug that kinda favors Monster and one that favors Hunters…