Pounce on last hunter needs to be removed


I just lost my 3rd time today as trapper or assault,where all my teammates died,and the monster had 500hp and i could easily battle it with dodging and roaching until it dies.This has to stop.

I literally brought a max DR gorgon 2 bars down to like 1/5 of a bar while everyone else was dead.Yes it was that bad of a gorgon.Guess what happened? It tried to pounce like 5 times and i avoided them all,and ONE pounce hit and suddenly from severely outplaying the monster and being clearly more skilled,i lost the match instantly even though my hp was full

This has to stop.You need to reward skill,or punish bad players.A pounce is itself a punishment to someone straying off alone,that is acceptable because they have to stick together.But when only one hunter remains,there is literally nothing you can do,except dodge 100 pounces until ONE hits you.That is not an acceptable skill/reward curve

Some people argue “hey almost everyone was dead so you lost”.No.As you said,ALMOST.The game is not lost until all hunters are down or the relay is destroyed.In any other case the game continues normally.The penalty for being the only one alive is doing 1/4 the proper DPS,and dying easily because of no shielding/healing.If i both manage to stay alive AND my dps is adequate to win,losing because of 1 zero aim requirement button makes no sense


“I use buzzwords and pretentious languange in the first response of a thread so i get likes”

Perhaps you should actually read my post.My whole point is that a fight should NOT be lost when you’re clearly outplaying the opponent but he has an instant win button that can be missed infinite times until it hits one time.There are things like hp,damage,movement that all constitute a fight.Let’s just ignore all them because it “almost” won right? In that case perhaps hunters should also have a gun that instantly kills if the monster has only 1 bar.After all they have “almost” won.


Accurate. I better get some likes too, literally 1 minute response time on this thread.

  • 3 hunters are dead
  • You outplayed the monster

Choose one.


Again with the like-craving style of non-constructive writing.What’s next ,memes?

No i don’t really have to choose one,because the fact that others died,is irrelevant to whether i outplayed the monster or not.Reading comprehension.It’s useful


I think pouncing a lonely hunter is fine. Regardless of whether it’s someone separated from their team mates or the last hunter alive. It’s a fair tactic.

The pounce hitbox on the other hand is a little ridiuclous. I would welcome a more reasonable hitbox.

And maybe the period where you can shoot the monster to prevent a pounce could be increased to. Sometimes it feels like you get pounced while shooting at the monster.

I also dislike the pounce-spam of especially Elder Kraken players. Maybe lowering the pounce range of Krakens and increasing the cancel period will help against it. Or increase the pounce cooldown.


You can get pounced while shooting the monster

If sometimes you can shoot yourself out of it its a bug.I have been pounced literally while burning it with hyde or shooting it with an smg.


That in no way resembles my statement in any way.

Anyway,anyone who wants to post actually feels like discussing ? Or will it all be 4chan one-liners?


Try killing the monster using teamwork before you’re solo and have to roach. I hear it’s a good tactic.

“You need to reward skill”

This isn’t what your post is asking. Your post is asking you to reward your team’s failure by giving you yet another advantage over the monster. Game is fine.


Why? Using teamwork we brought it to 1 bar.

There are already countless penalties for being the last remaining.According to your post we should instantly lose because we almost lost.Perfect logic there

And please stop with the “yet another advantage against the poor monster sob”.It has only one enemy,who is literally helpless unless it outplays it.It has 4 abilities which will kill the hunter in seconds if all used on him.It can see him through walls ,outrun him,jump higher and regen armor or leave whenever it feels like.

But say that the hunter should walk around and not be permatrapped from full hp to loss,it’s such an advantage.Poor unfair game for monster :frowning:


Besides… Losing an ability on the context that there is only one hunter left is pretty bad game design.
Did the monster suddenly got a case of amnesia or just a consciousness?
Would i still be allowed to pounce wildlife or is the hunter immun to be grabbed because he has so much adrenalin by his imminent doom that he suddenly gets the strength to out brawl a ten ton behemoth?


And if he just… Killed you in a second, you would feel better?
I kinda like bitch slapping the last hunter. It takes longer and he can contemplate on his failures as to why it has come to this.


Yes,it’s crazy right? It’s almost like this doesn’t already happen with the dome going down for no reason if all hunters leave,the relay getting a shield for no reason iif hunters go next to it,the monster losing for no reason because the time ran out,the dropship taking longer to come for no reason if many hunters went down etc

It’s like…it’s like the game is not based around realism but around balance instead! Now that’s a revelation


“i could have roached him for days, but he pounced me. pouce is clearly OP please nerf”

that’s a one sided opinion.
i agree to the fact that if you are shooting the monster then the punce interrupts, maybe with a certain ammount of damage. but removing it it’s just stupid.


Yes.If it did so using the fight mechanics already existing in the game which should give it ridiculous advantages vs a lone hunter,and as long as i got an actual chance to play.It’s not about losing or winning,it’s about how it does it


Yeah… The right sentence would be “i could have roached him for days nerf roaching”


Please explain why its stupid removing a zero risk ability that instantly wins the game if landed

Also there have been times where this happened and i didnt roach.I just shot spiders and dodged acid.What now?


You mean… Won a game where you are already at a clear advantage? :slight_smile:


Thing is, you’ve got to bring it to zero bars.

You complain that pouncing makes it “an auto loss because you almost lost”, yet you are basically asking for the same for the monster.


yeah a zero risk ability that wins the game if landed after killing 3 hunters on 4, with a small hitbox, so that a dodge can easily make it miss. also if 3 hunters died when less then a bar was missing it’s clearly a last sec missplay.


I have to bring it to zero bars,and it has to get 4 downs.Yet it wins with 3 downs

Where is my ability that traps a monster with 1 bar left until it dies?