Pounce is stupid

pounce needs to be fixed its becoming stupid how broken it is, you can spam it, can grab people nowhere near were you pounce and they just magically get teleported into your grasp which is becoming stupid, been pounced 30m above a monster, behind the monster to the side and nowhere near were the animation was i get grabbed

It’s possible there’s a bit of lag if that’s happening. I’ve never gotten pounced in those ways before… though I will admit that Kraken’s pounce distance is particularly large.


Sounds more like lag then the pounce.

Aren’t there a thousand threads like this already?


Yeah a lot of people really hate the pounce. But I think this problem is really more of a lag thing.

Yep, but closing every thread that is similar might make people feel like they’re being shut down rather than listened to and since there’s no real hub for suggestions for pounce, I can’t really justify moving them to a random thread on the same subject.

Nah never asked it to be closed. Just getting tired of seeing them being reposted over and over.

Oh I know, I was just saying it. Think about how the mods and leaders feel XD we read every… single… topic and almost every post.

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In that case the thread should be in the bugs category?

Lol and to think I’m going for regular ^.^
I’ll need to find a source of stress relief :stuck_out_tongue:
Okay back on topic sorry OP ^.^

Well I am not sure. Lag really isn’t a bug.

I indeed am not.


You are just an enigma Lagger!

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Lol made me laugh. took me a second to figure it out. I feel dumb now

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Btw image
This thread has quickly been derailed :stuck_out_tongue:


It has XD I’m going to close it tonight if the OP hasn’t responded and nobody else really has anything to add.

It feels like beating a dead horse at this point though, I tried bringing my argument to this subject t before but it doesn’t catch on XD

Yeah but I want to give the guy a chance to say SOMETHING else at least before closing it. If another leader or a mod wants to jump in and close it before that then that’s fine but I just feel like he’s kinda been steamrolled if I just close it before he even responds.


That is one rude panda.

I’d give you a like but I’ve reached my limit XD
Seriously didn’t realize there was a like limit!