Pounce is still a nightmare


Im making this thread because i played 5 matches in a row against the same guy, who SP
AMMMMMMED pounce, first round pounced assault, then vortexed everyone away and pounced medic before we even stopped tumbling, then pounced trapper, and because he was sligtly out of my line of sight killed him almost instantly then pounced me, there was no fight, there was no hunt, something more has to be done about the pounce because if more people start using it like this kid there wont even be fighting anymore theyll wait for the dropship, scatter people with one attack, peel one off then repeat, this is destroying good matches, he did not win a single match without pounce, it was his main attack and it was more effective than any monster ability because it was an assured kill every time
I personally dont even think pounce should be in evolve people abuse the shit out of it, but PLEASE, AT LEAST PUT A COMBAT COOLDOWN ON IT, so if they have been shot by a hunter or are in combat they cant pounce for like 5 seconds because youre not going to pounce wildlife in a fight, and its meant to be for stealth kills so a monster in combat should actually have to fight not spam pounce until everyone is depleted, this shit is breaking the game and the last update did nothing useful against it.


kraken pounce :confused:


Personally as a monster player I only pounce those I separate or are alone so if I (don’t play kraken) vortex 3 people away I might try pouncing one. However that said players like this are the reason they put a cooldown over all on it (2 seconds atm) I personally wouldn’t mind a longer cooldown since it shouldn’t be a main attack that being said you shouldn’t be able to cancel it with markov lightning gun because you were running away holding fire button (I have had markovs cancel it because the model turns to me and lightning goes off and cancels it).

I will say this people who abuse this and other things as monster (behemoth roll-heavy-roll-etc.) should be ashamed of themselves there is no fun in that. I main monster and yes I enjoy a good chase, epic battle, and close calls.


Yea the whole midair pounce without animation is dumb to say the least but if it isn’t already fix it will be soon.


Yea kraken pounce mostly but pounce in general, if they have an ability to scatter hunters, voterx, rock throw, abduction/supernova, rockwall, they can easily win with that playstyle everytime without trying at all, because with the monsters health you get like 50 tries unless hank is on the team, even then just repeat after the orbital barrage


ive never seen anyone but kraken spamm pouncing


See for me i dont even think the moster should get to pounce in active combat, so if im the last one alive and actively shooting at the monster he shouldnt be able to pounce me, that seems to negate the entire stealth cause of it, when i saw it before launch i figured it would be a background attack that you only do on a hunter who is not in combat with you, but people turned it into the most effective ability in the game


At least Pistols should stop monsters pouncing.

hunters never could win in 1:1 combat.

Pounce on last hunter needs to be removed

I understand the separated and alone thing, but it think that is the ONLY time a monster should be able to pounce a hunter is when they are alone and not shooting at him


Ive won as sunny in 1v1 against (suprisingly) a kraken with 2 bars left, i at least want the chance to fight the monster, pounce completely robs a good fight and epic wins and close matches witch is a big reason i play this and part of what makes good games, a 1v1 fight is badass but its almost where you might as well give up because you are gonna get pounced


And sorry if i come across as rude this subject is just a strong one


The way that guy used the pounce was strategic, to say the least. Anyways they already changed pouncing wuth a cooldown so people couldn’t spam it as much.


I won the game as a monster before in 1:1 combat
even I had only 1/4 of a health bar.

pfff I didn’t doubt that I won the game anyway.

Pounce rules game!


@Macman can we get a dev prospective on this? I wanna see what you guys think of this and how its intended to be used, because me and anyone i play with have ridiculous amounts of trouble with pounce spamming monsters, it robs the fight and turns into a really bad game of separate and tag. I dont complain about thing i can counter but ive been playing since launch and still have no way to counter this, sticking together isnt viable because everyone is so easily separated with one ability then peeled away, what do you guys think?


Not strategic, spammy, its just a lockout to rob people from fighting back, there is no fight with people who do that no skill and no fun, its strategic like sitting in a room in cod with your gun pointing at the only door is


atleast make the cd noticeable

the 2 seconds now doesnt matter at all


Likr a 5 sec cooldown at least sfter a hunter shoots you off, you shouldnt be pouncing in combat anyways


Well you’re saying he used vortex to push everyone back then using pounce on the guy that was alone - thats prrtty strategic. Although it was repeated/spammed what every people want to call it. Anyways it seems like vortex might get another knock back nerf if the last one wasnt enough.


I am not saying shooting at me I am saying running away holding button so model looks at me and then fires mid pounce animation.


Goliath can do it with rock throw wraith can do it with supernova and behemoth can do it with rockwall, its not just kraken, and its not strategy its an extraordinarily simple push everyone away and jump on whoevers still there, its sad that this shit is weakening so many matches