Pounce is bugged [ES2]


simply put, pounce is very broken now. before, if you were creeping around and not running, you would pounce as soon as you hit left mouse click.

now, pounce refuses to engage unless you have a hunter targeted in red.

that is broken af. please fix.


I don’t know if it’s a bug or if it was intended to be like that. Before, you could maintain the button to prepare your pounce and wait for your victim to show himself.


This is intended. You can only pounce when you have a target


well, thats stupid.

change it back to how it was in TU08. ive lost a few matches to bad players because pounce isnt working the way it used too >.>

it makes pouncing someone as they come up a wall almost impossible, since they will somehow manage to get off one shot and break the pounce if you wait.

thats another thing thats still broken: hunters being able to get off a quick shot as they get into the pounce animation.


The devs are trying to make sneak pouncing much less effective if it isn’t actually a sneak pounce. You may need to adapt :slight_smile:


They used to use sneak pounce to quickly cover ground, so the devs tried to counter that by removing the option to pounce, unless you have a target



As @LordDerp stated, this is to counteract play styles the Devs never intended to be used, so it is not a Bug. If you feel very strongly about it you may make a new Suggestion topic to have it re-instated.