Pounce interrupted by pouncee's weapon a bug?


Noticed this most commonly on assaults where some of their weapons prevent themselves from being pounced on. I believe this was raised before with Markov’s lightning gun doing that but it also seems to happen with Torvald’s shotgun in this video (at the 2:06 and 2:18 mark).

A quick forum search pulled up a previous discussion where players mentioned it was intentional as the rate of fire is so high it breaks the animation. But isn’t it a bug then that I can’t pounce a lone target as their weapon keeps interrupting? I mean I have no problem pounding him to death with melee attacks, but sometimes, you just wanna do it the old-fashioned hunter way :wink:

The only problem I can think it presents right now is the extreme scenario where as a monster, I’m pummeled to a sliver of health. I’ve sent three hunters to meet their creator and all that’s standing left is a healthy Markov, who if I don’t pounce, is gonna have me for supper. However, his lightning gun breaks my pounce animation and kills me.

So is this something that needs to be fixed, or…?


Yeah there was a game where I couldn’t pounce a lone Lennox because her lance would interrupt me mid animation…


This is just how it has always been and it always bothered me. But here we are now and it still exists so I feel like it is not going away anytime soon xD


This really should be changed so that only OTHER units’ attacks can break a pounce, not the hunter who is pounced.

It would make it feel more fluid, and less “omg wtf, I pounced you, you saw it!”.


it stops you because you have to finish the animation and any damage during the pounce will break it. Every single hunter can do it. I can do it as Val.

As far as I’m aware its an intended mechanic. You can even pounce through attacks if done at the right moment. For instance: You can pounce Hyde or Markov even if the weapon is currently hitting you if you do it between the damage ticks actually register.


When there’s only a single hunter left standing it’s already a heroe’s job to not die, every little help the lone hunter may get is fair. If a hunter killed you alone trying to pounce you didn’t die because you couldn’t pouce. You died because you lost too much health on the earlier skirmish


Afraid you missed the point. The question here isn’t what’s fair or not. Its a question of whether or not this is a bug.