Pounce Damage


Pounce Damage needs an upgrade. It takes far too long to incapacitate a hunter that is being pounced.


But a hunter is completely helpless while pounced, so that is extremely unnecessary.


That is the reason they toned it down. People hated it, it was very toxic


But a hunter is completely helpless while pounced, so that is extremely unnecessary.

Untrue. Class Abilities can prolong a Medic, Support, or Assault’s life. Pounces also can fail quite easily - the Monster isn’t rewarded nearly enough for a successful pounce.

While we’re at it, Gorgon needs a pounce damage multiplier which depends upon her height when she jumps down … because you know, a several hundred pound beast with steel tearing claws landing directly on you from several stories high should hurt.


@Kishan_Devkaran So it’s another of the many monster nerfs I’ve heard about? Huh, interesting that I find Monster so irritatnig to play at a high level. Looks like TRS neutered the poor things. More like puppies than monsters.


I’m having a lot of success as wraith, going 3 in Abduction and 1 in Supernova, then 3 in decoy with the bronze and silver pounce perk.

Try it out, you literally down a hunter in 5 seconds with pounce perks.


Ok maybe not completely helpless. And pounces are not that hard to land. Plus, pounding should be for lone hunters straying away, not a combat tool.

Edit: She already gets her wall pounce damage, so no.


Pounce damage I think is fine since yeah, it is meant to single out lone survivors. I however noticed that the range feels a little weird. Have to get really close now, cant make some leap pounces.


She already has this right now, it’s just not as damaging as it used to be. Before this update or TU8 even, the highest pounce height would do about 800 (half a hunters health) but it was proven to be too strong, so now its like 400 or something.


Incorrect. Gorgon has no bonus pounce damage from wall hits anymore.


They completely removed it on ES2?


That is correct


I don’t know how I feel about that.


I think it works. It makes it more ambush oriented for the pounce instead of ‘free’ damage for in combat diving.


the nerfs monsters are receiving are ridiculous. Every single Monster has been nerfed and turned into what’s more or less a walking HP sponge and its only with a MAJOR misplay on your medic or supports part that you’ll ever actually get anywhere.

I don’t think it would be very ‘OP’ to say the Monster has a great chance of killing a Hunter if it got the pounce off - the pounce isn’t the hardest to hit but it never follows through unless the Hunter is truly vulnerable, in which case shouldn’t a Monster that thinks to pounce and can actually land it be rewarded instead of punished for using it well?

At this point I don’t think anyone ever uses pounce except to clean up one last Hunter without having to press any buttons - because in any other situation pouncing is absolutely useless thanks to the nerfs its received, and even Gorgon, the monster based on the surprise instagib pounce no longer has one of her main tools.

Why is it a thing to continously take away Monster play-styles and tools and yet give the Hunters a whole bunch? Hunters even have copies of eachothers abilities…


I understand where it’s coming from but I have to respectfully disagree. While it’s true that pounce damage deals very low damage, monsters already have an insane amount of damage in their kit, this would just give them more OPness.

Pouncing completely disables a hunter (except their class abilities), so even if you don’t deal that much damage, you are still gaining an advantage if the enemy team doesn’t respond fast enough.


Monsters already have an insane amount damage in their kit…

??? Hunters have more effective damage mitigation and crowd control options than the Monster has actual damage options. Monster players at higher levels won’t even try to engage you until they are Stage 3 now, and even then it’s almost completely futile even if you’re lucky enough to make it to Stage 3 (thanks to the complete removal of stealth), and your success is only really possible if you’re playing the damn Kraken - because he is the only Monster capable of outputting enough damage within a respectable amount of time.


There are perks that up the damage :stuck_out_tongue:

But otherwise, as others have stated, Downing through Pounce is usually reserved for “Got you!” moments when the Hunters split a wee bit too far apart. (or at the end of the match on the Last Hunter when the Monster is not man enough to 1v1 me, m8! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Also, it does more as you stage up. Give a Stage 3 a few seconds and you’ll be deader than the dirt you got slammed into xD